Summer break is almost upon us. Whether you’re going on city trips or travelling abroad there are always some things you forgot to pack. To make packing easier, we made a list for you of 10 travel musthaves not to forget.

1. Power bank or world plug

There you are at the best picture site ever and your battery isn’t charged. Such a bummer. Therefore, always bring a power bank and/or a world plug so you can always take the best pictures.

2. Sunglasses

Is your collection of sunglasses massive, because you have one from every place you visited? Collections are nice, but you probably wanted to spend that money on something else. So don’t forget to pack your sunglasses this year.

3. Lonely planet

You never know if that quaint little spot you wanted to visit turns out to be closed. So bring your travel guide with you so you can find another great spot. Did you know Lonely Planet also has e-book versions?

4. Waterproof pouch

Don’t want to leave your valuables on the beach? Bring a waterproof pouch so you can take them with you into the ocean.

5. Bug spray

The one souvenir that’s never missing on vacation is the mosquito bites. Don’t forget to pack the bug spray. So you come home bite-free this year.

6. Travel pillow

A travel pillow is not just handy on a plane. You could also take it to the beach. Making sure you are well rested when you return.

7. Journal + pen

Of course, you don’t want to forget the best moments of your trip. So don’t forget to take a journal and pen to write it all down while it’s fresh in your memory. You can find many different versions in your (online) book store. There are journals which you can erase and even ones that are water-resistant.

8. Foldable water bottle

A bottle can take up a lot of space in your bag. So why not try a foldable water bottle. Making some extra space in your bag for a nice souvenir.

9. Playing cards

A deck of cards is one of the most versatile games. Perfect for those nights when you don’t know what to do.

10. Vitamins

On vacation, we may not always take the best care of ourselves. So pack some vitamins and ibuprofen so you stay healthy and pain-free.

We hope we could help you with your packing list. Need help knowing how to keep cool during your city trips? Read our tips here. Enjoy your vacation!

You’ll be surprised!

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