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5 tips for an effective and efficient meeting

A meeting that is effective and efficient is hard to come by. Your probably familiar with those endless meetings with few results. In this article we will share our tips for an effective and efficient meeting whilst remaining safe.

  1. Combination of online and offline

We can carefully venture out and with limited numbers meet on location. Off course it is important that everyone has plenty of space and that capacity is build up slowly. The combination of online and offline during meetings is perfect for this situation. Connect people who work from home with the people on site. Combine your live meeting on a coronaproof location with a video conference call. This saves in time and costs.

The right technics is essential for a hybrid meeting. All of Inntel Hotels meeting locations are equiped with modern appliances to make your meeting a success. We’re happy to inform you about all of our possibilities

  1.   Choose a setting that matches your intention

It might not be the first thing that pops into your head, but the right setting will have its effect on the effectiveness and efficiency of a meeting. Arrange the room to match the objective of your meeting and get the most out of your meeting.

A square set-up is perfect for an interactive meeting. This way everyone can look at each other and they will have enough room to note things down. Does your meeting have a focus on the speaker? A so called school set-up might be just what your meeting needs.

Our Meetings & Events team is ready to (digitally) discuss all our possibilities  for an effective and efficient meeting and other events with you. We’re happy to spar with you on the best set-up, food and drinks and if needed hybrid solutions. Also feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding hygiene and general conditions.

  1. An extern meeting: carefree and spacious

A new environment can bring you innovative solutions and new ideas. A fresh perspective on the current affairs within the company. Get inspired by a vibrant setting and think outside the box. We recommend a meeting with a view! Next to these effective consequences for your meeting ease and feeling carefree will also play a big part during an extern meeting. Now maybe more than ever.

Exchange the small conference room in the office for a spacious meeting room. Our professional team will make sure to take things off your plate when it comes to organizing your meeting. This way you don’t have to think about hygiene protocols, walking directions and the proper catering solutions.

  1. Breaks lead to progress

Even though you would probably want to finish the meeting in one go it might not be the best way to go about it. Your team will probably not be able to keep their focus during long meetings. The average person will not be able to take everything in after the first hour and a half. Therefore make sure to take enough breaks and no a quick visit to the restroom isn’t enough…

Combine a meeting with a (healthy) lunch or go outside for some fresh air. After some relaxation everyone will be able to focus on the meeting once again. Make sure to take at least a 15 minute breaks after every hour and a half of meeting time.

  1. Preparation is half the work: comfort and trust

Is your real life meeting already scheduled? Make sure you prepare your meeting. Maybe not all of your coworkers will feel comfortable with real life meetings. Re-assure them by sharing the measures that have been take to guarantee a safe meeting. Tell them what measures are taken according to hygiene and tell them which contact moments they can expect on the location. Also listen to initiatives from colleagues. Can you do anything to make them feel safer?  This will contribute to everyone feeling safe during the meeting.

So far our tips for an effective and efficient meeting.

You’ll be surprised.