5 tips to stop worrying

2019 is almost over and 2020 is around the corner. The time of year where most people start thinking about their New Year’s Resolutions. Is it your resolution to worry less in 2020? We’ll help you with our 5 tips to stop worrying.

Tip 1: delegate

Doing everything yourself can be a method so that everything is done your way. However, this can bring on a huge workload. So delegate certain tasks and know beforehand that it might be done differently, but the most important thing is that it will be done.

Tip 2: don’t overstretch yourself

Our calendars are fully booked year-round, but there’s only so much you can do. Make sure not to plan to many things in one day and to schedule a little me-time. An organised mind starts with an organised calendar.

Tip 3: smile or laugh every day

Research shows that people who smile every day are a lot happier. When you smile or laugh you produce endorphins. Having trouble finding something to laugh about? Read these 10 tips to laugh more.

Did you know that by eating chocolate you also produce endorphins? Good enough reason to treat yourself to some chocolate every now and then.

Tip 4: exercise

You don’t only produce endorphins by laughing, but also by exercising. And they say exercise can benefit you in so many more ways. You will get more energy and it might even improve your memory. If it’s your New Year’s Resolution to lose some weight it helps you with that as well.

Tip 5: go on a weekend get-away

Not having to do stuff and fully relaxing can be accomplished best during a weekend get-away. Because we know how important it is to relax all Inntel Hotels hotels have a wellness centre. With our 6 different hotels you have enough options to get through 2020.

Is your relaxation moment a visit to the sauna? Make sure to prepare your sauna visit by reading about the best sauna visit. Those were our 5 tips to stop worrying. Will you let us know whether they helped?

You’ll be surprised!