What makes bubbles so special and what do we actually know about them? We have selected the 5 most fun facts about bubbles in your soap… and in your wine. Bubbles are everywhere; in the park on a sunny day, in your whirlpool and when you toast on a special occasion with your friends. Make your getaway one for the books with the Bubbles & Bath Special.

1. All the colours of the rainbow

The colours of the bubbles in your whirlpool arise because of the reflection of white light, which contains every colour. When the white light reflects on the soap various colours appear. You can compare it to sunshine on a rainy day when your eye catches a glimpse of a rainbow.

2. Millions of bubbles!

In a bottle of sparkling wine are about 49 million bubbles! So the next time you’re wondering how many bubbles they’re in your glass, you know that counting them is something you can maybe save for another time.

In your bottle of sparkling wine are about 49 million bubbles!

3. “Popping bottles”

A bottle of sparkling wine always makes a sound when opened. Because this drink has been under high pressure for a very long time! During the fermentation process the ‘carbon dioxide’ changes in a liquid substance, which cause the typical bubbles. The pressure in the cellars builds up to pressure about twice as much as your car tire pressure!

4. People have been fascinated with bubbles since their discovery

“Come quickly – I am drinking the stars.” Some people claim that this was one of the first things that Dom Pierre Perigon said when he ‘discovered’ the first sparkling wine. Experts are not too sure this actually happened, but the sentiment is still very much alive today. Wine and its bubbles are still fascinating to us and we love to drink them on special occasions.

5. Bubbles in your bath foam and in your bottle of wine, we just love it!

Bubbles! Who doesn’t have good memories of bubbles? Whether they are coloured bubbles in your bath foam or when you toast to an unforgettable event. Bubbles guarantee a memorable time! This is how a bottle of sparkling wine got the status of celebrating special moments among many of us. Which moment would you like to celebrate with the Bubbles & Bath special?

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