A city trip with Lois and Naomi from travander.nl in Rotterdam

Is a weekend in Rotterdam at your bucket list for a city trip? If so read on. In this blog Lois and Naomi from travander.nl will take you on a trip to Rotterdam. During this weekend they will explore the city and tell you all about the best spots to eat, drink and relax.


A city trip to Rotterdam

We can be short about it: Our favourite city of The Netherlands is Rotterdam. Maybe we are a little bit biased, because we live in Rotterdam. But also for tourists Rotterdam has a lot to offer. For example the sightseeing, unique architecture and charming hotspots. Rotterdam is a city with a lot of different faces: A tough port city, vibrant nightlife city and a shopping city. But above all, Rotterdam is a wonderful, down-to-earth city, modern city.

With the famous skyline and trendy hotspots Rotterdam is the perfect destination for a city trip in the Netherlands. Explore the hidden secrets behind the modern architecture and by amazed by all the beauty of Rotterdam.

Overnight in Rotterdam

If you are looking for a place to stay during your visit in Rotterdam, we would suggest . This modern hotel is located right on the waterfront. Because of that you got a beautiful view over the Maas lake. The hotel is within walking distance from the famous Market hall and the cube houses. The hotel has a luxurious look and offers various wellness facilities, like an indoor swimming pool, sauna and gym. The rooms are spacious and equipped with all comforts that you need for a relaxed stay. Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre is the perfect location to stay during your city trip.

Want to really spoil yourself? Then choose to stay in the Panorama Junior Suite. We stayed in this room type during our stay at Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre. This room is a dream place to stay. The Panorama Junior Suites is the most royal suite of the hotel and you will be guaranteed an amazing view of the skyline of Rotterdam. This room makes you zen, because you have a private sauna, tropical rain shower, bubble bath and comfortable seats by Montis.

Panorama Junior Suite

After a delicious breakfast at Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre, you can walk straight to the city centre to discover the beautiful sights and have a nice stroll through the city. We’ll share 5 things to do in Rotterdam!

5x to do’s in Rotterdam

Take a walk to Blaak: where the Market Hall, the Cube Houses and the cosy Old Harbour meet.

Blaak may not be familiar to everyone, but around this street are some of the best sights of Rotterdam. Like the iconic market hall with its impressive murals on the ceiling. At the market hall you’ll find a lot of stalls with local products as well as delicacies from all over the world. Designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom, the Cube Houses are a remarkable sight for their unique cube-shaped architecture. You can even visit one of the houses to get an idea of what it is like to live in such a house. After you visit, there are plenty of terraces to have a drink or something to eat.

Have a refreshing drink at the Witte de With street

The Witte the With is one of the most famous streets of Rotterdam. It is the perfect place to have a drink on a sunny day. There are lot of bars where you can hang out with a refreshing drink, like Witte Aap and NCR. Bokaal has a large terrace and specialized in craft beers. If you are in the mood for a glass of wine, than we suggest wine bar Het Eigendom. Around the Witte de With you’ll also find impressive art galleries and boutique shops. So be sure to take some time to wander around this lively neighbourhood.

Take a water taxi to the Kop van Zuid

The water taxi is a fun way to travel to the Kop van Zuid. This former port area has been renovated a few years ago to a trendy place with a lot of new architecture. The highlight of the boat tour is the Erasmus Bridge, one of the eye-catchers of Rotterdam. At the Kop van Zuid you can have dinner at one of the trendy restaurants. And also enjoy the amazing view over the skyline of Rotterdam. If you want to get the full water experience? Book a boat tour to the harbour of Rotterdam and get a behind the scenes tour of one of the largest ports of the world!

Take a walk by Het Park and visit the rooftop of the Euromast.

Het Park is a beautiful city park, next to the Euromast. It has been designed in 1960 for the international horticultural exhibition and is a popular park for joggers and picknickers ever since. We love this place to chill on a lazy sunny day. But not only that! You also can find the Euromast. One of the icons of the city. The building is 185 meters high and also build in 1960. You can take the elevator to the top of the tower and enjoy the stunning view. If you are looking for an exciting activity then we suggest to abseil from the Euromast.

Visit the old historic Delfshaven of Rotterdam

Delfshaven doesn’t belong to the standard places to visit in Rotterdam. But we really like to suggest you visit this place. The district is really nice and has beautiful streets, trendy hotspots and attractions. We suggest to visit the historic part of the harbour (Delfshaven). Here you taste te ambiance before the second world war of Rotterdam.

The best way to discover the historic heart of Delfshaven is by walking around the area. Enjoy all the impressive buildings at your own pace. Have a look at the Pelgrimsvaderkerk, the mills and the statue of Piet Hein. Visit the picturesque harbour and enjoy a lovely drink at one of the bars, like brewery de Pelgrim.


Book a city trip to Rotterdam

Altogether Rotterdam is a great destination for a city trip and has something to offer for everybody. Whether you prefer architecture, culture, good food, shopping or to take a moment to relax. Rotterdam is the place to be! So pack your bags and explore this amazing city. Looking for more information on Rotterdam? Check out all of Lois and Naomi’s recommendations at travander.nl.