There’s no place like home, but sleeping in a hotel is a luxury you need sometimes. We’re glad to share our tips to create a hotel feeling at home with you.

A hotel feeling at home starts with the bed

One of the most important things in a hotel room is the bed. Clean, fresh linen and a comfortable matrass. The bed is one of the first things that catches your eye in the room. We have several tips to make your bed look like a hotel bed.

  1. Straighten your bed every day
  2. Place your pillows in an upright position (If you place four pillows instead of two on the bed it looks even more like a hotel bed)
  3. Choose matching furniture.

For more tips and tricks read our article “The secret of a hotel bed”.
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Relax, take it easy

A relaxing soak in the bathtub or a refreshing shower. Our bathroom is the place to be for a little me-time. You can get that same feeling at home too! It starts with a pleasant scent. Fragrance sticks with the scent of fresh linen or a lavender candle will cover that. Choose a scent that matches your mood.
Another plus side of a hotel are those soft, fluffy towels and bath robes. Make sure to buy the thickest, softest towels you can find and wash them with softener. Instead of folding your towels, roll them up and your bathroom will look different as well! If you have a bathtub place a wooden board over it. On the board you can place all your special soaps and sponges. It is also the ideal place for a glass of wine.

Bonus tip:  Buy rose petal soap to step into a beautiful, romantic bath.

Food for thought

A mini bar filled with tasty snacks and mini bottles of wine is something you can have at home too! Most supermarkets have small bottles of wine and prosecco. Combined with your favourite crisps, nuts or candy bars you’ll have your own minibar selection.

Ordering room service is nice and decadent. Off course you can do that at home too and support your local restaurants at the same time. Deliveroo or Uber eats will deliver delicious meals right to your doorstep.

We hope to have inspired you to create a hotel feeling at home. The only thing we can’t bring you at home is the service of our wonderful staff members.

You’ll be surprised!

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