There you are, 100 meters high at the Euromast, the ultimate challenge.. The highest abseil or maybe the fastest zip wire from Europe.. Do you dare? Be aware: this article is only suitable for adrenaline seekers.

Abseiling and the zip line in Rotterdam

Would you like to do something different than the usual, then this is it! The elevator will bring you to the platform at 100 meters of the Euromast. Here you will get a comprehensive instruction before you will climb over the edge and face the instructor. He will explain everything again and then you are ready! The abseil from the Euromast is unique becasue there is no wall to push off from with your feet. You are in midair on a rope.

When you go it is really an experience meanwhile you can enjoy the view of Rotterdam and have a chat with the instructor. The speed of your descent is up to you so have a look around and enjoy!

Experience is not necessary… only guts!

Once a month you can take the zip line of the Euromast. The zip line is a customized version of a funicular between two solid objects at which participants slide down at enormous speed. You go down on your own and you float from 100 meters to the ground within….. 15 seconds! So as already mentioned … visit Rotterdam and do something different, then is this your chance. Experience and enjoy!

More details

The minimum age is 16 years. You get a detailed instruction beforehand. The zip line is possible every last Sunday from May to September, they organize abseiling all other weekend-days. All dates are subject to sufficient participants and weather conditions. You can check al the conditions on the website of abseiling and the zip line. This experience is great to do together with your partner because you can go with two persons at the same time and of course including an instructor.

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