roossluis art gallery

Colourful expo of Roos Sluis at the Art Gallery

From 17 March until 31 August the impressive expo of Roos Sluis is on display at the Art Gallery of Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven. The works consist of portraits of people, animals and contemporary art. Visit the exhibition and view the colourful masterpieces.

Due to the consequences of Covid-19, Roos Sluis decided to change the course of her career and became a full-time visual artist. Before the pandemic, she ran her own secondment agency. She decided to pick up her brushes and came up with ‘troostkunst’: portraits as a memento of the deceased based on the information she received from the relatives. This was her way to help during periods of mourning.

Roos mainly focuses on creating portraits of both animals and people. At the exhibition in the Art Gallery you see various series, such as: James Bond, Peaky Blinders, Contemporary glam and a series of youRart. She describes her art as colourful, in your face and contemporary. This is how she also describes herself. The several techniques that she uses are: oil, acrylic, collage, gold leaf, epoxy, and mixed media.

Art in Eindhoven

You can find the Art Gallery in the glass conservatory that connects the two buildings of Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven, the Light Tower and the Mathilde building. Various exhibitions are organized here in collaboration with local artists. Keep an eye on the website of Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven for the latest updates.

Do you want to admire more art during your visit to Eindhoven? Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven is within walking distance of several museums. You also see colourful street art as you walk through the city. Read Sightseeing in Eindhoven: Tips from local experts and discover which places are worth a visit!