MVO Inntel Hotels

Surprisingly Sustainable: how Inntel Hotels contributes to making the world a better place.

From environmentally-friendly shower products to fully circular furniture: Inntel Hotels continues to develop in the field of corporate social responsibility. We contribute to a green future together with our partners, employees and of course our guests. Guests enjoy warm hospitality, luxury and comfort, while Inntel Hotels focuses on a future proof planet.

Recent projects

In the past few years, various projects have been realised to improve our sustainability. With innovation on top of the list, Inntel Hotels has taken major steps together with its partners. We would love to share some of the highlights:

Last year, Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre was a pioneer in the Dutch hotel industry by fully recycling furniture. The previous furniture of the now restyled rooms was recycled into, among others, new desks and headboards for the beds. “After a thorough selection of the existing furniture, we processed the materials into new high-quality wood panels. The designs of interior designers such as Feran Thomassen, make it come to life, again”, says Unilin.

The two newest hotels, Inntel Hotels The Hague Marina Beach and Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark are also furnished with high-quality Unilin materials. The panels have a completely new look in every hotel, based on the unique theme of the hotels.

  • Solar panels at Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre

During the realization of new hotels, we opt for renewable energy sources. In 2019 Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre opened its doors in the midst of the city. The impressive building, located next to Utrecht Central Station, is fitted with a large amount of solar panels.

Local partnerships

Social involvement might be the beginning of sustainable business. Inntel Hotels loves to work with local, smaller businesses who offer a unique product that suits the the theme of each hotel. Whether it is 100 Watt beer in Brasserie Lumen at Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven, or traditional food from the Zaan region at Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam. The hotels are in the midst of society and offer hotel guests an experience inspired by the surrounding area.

Social entrepreneurship

Henk Hölscher, who started his career at Inntel Hotels at the first hotel in Zutphen 25 years ago, has committed himself to social entrepreneurship. This type of entrepreneurship is an important issue through the entire organization. “As a company that is located in the midst of a city, you have to be a reflection of the society.” Hölscher is a source of inspiration, as he speaks about all different types of people working together and complement each other as a result. “Everyone has the right to participate. People might be distanced from the labour market, while others are highly educated. The great thing is, that when you combine them together, they will both learn.” Each employee will be assessed by his or hers strengths to see which activities will suit them best.


Inntel Hotels strives to host guests in the most environmentally-friendly way. Besides the overall adjustments to optimize sustainability, each hotel room is fitted with the following:

  • With the press of a button, you as a guest can give a signal whether your room needs to be cleaned or not. This can be seen by housekeeping in the hallway, on a display besides your front door. In addition to more efficient business operations, these displays offer a more personal service and convenience for our guest;
  • Trough a heat recovery installation with air conditioning, hotel rooms are heated and/or cooled;
  • Almost all of the lightning (over 905) is replaced by LED lights;
  • Energy is also saved by, for example, anti-draft measures, energy savers, motion sensors and climate control systems;
  • The saunas, both in hotel rooms and the wellness, are provided with timers to prevent them from being turned on unnecessarily;
  • Various water facilities (taps, showers, toilets) have a water saving system to prevent them from excessive use.

Food and drinks

In all of our kitchens, food is treated with respect and waste is handled very strictly. Garbage is, of course, processed through waste separation. Plastic packaging is currently being replaced by materials like bamboo in order to reduce the plastic soup.

Ingredients are selected on environmental friendliness and high quality. For example, our chefs only work with MSC-certified fish and, for example, with organic meat from Lakenvelder cattles. Local farmers are being paid fair prices for their coffee.


Inntel Hotels works with a sustainable purchasing policy and sustainability statements for suppliers. In addition, the hotel group has a CSR statement showing that corporate social responsibility is anchored in its business operations.


All hotels are located on top locations in Dutch cities. This makes it possible to easily reach the hotels by public transport. For guests who prefer to travel by themselves, the hotels (and/or designated parking facilities) have charging points for electric cars and bicycles available. During a hotel visit, guests can purchase public transport tickets at the front desk of each hotel. Some of the hotels even have their own bikes for rent.


Inntel Hotels respects people and the environment and therefore we do everything we can to contribute to a healthy planet. We see it as our duty as a hotel group to contribute to society and the environment. We continue to develop through ambitious goals, in order to work together for a better world.