We are proud to announce that the award winner of Dutch Design Awards 2018: Royal Delft | Augmented Blueware, can be seen in the exhibition hall of Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven until the end of October 2019

Dutch Design Awards Exhibitions 

At Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven we have a different exhibition every three months. These exhibitions are carefully curated by Dutch Design Awards (DDA). This enables the winners of a Dutch Design Award to show their work to a diverse and international audience. The DDA is a well-known name in Dutch Design land and annually awards the best Dutch designers and for their most groundbreaking projects.

Royal Delft “The original blue” with 3-D technology

Every hand-painted piece from Royal Delft is unique in its decoration: even though the drawing looks the same, the master painters handwriting can be a little different each time. The creative core idea of ​​the “Augmented Blueware” project is that every piece of tableware can be unique.

 The Centrepiece

One part of the tableware (the so-called ‘centrepiece’, eventually became a vase) is provided with hand-painted decoration. After, the decoration is scanned directly from the 3D vase shape and digitally converted into unique decorations for the other service parts, such as plates and cups. By only giving the owner of the “centrepiece” access to the corresponding tableware parts, exclusive tableware is created. This concept is ideal for family tableware, a wedding gift or special tableware for restaurants.

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

If your visit isn’t until October. We would recommend coming in the period between the 19th and the 27th of October. During these nine days, it’s the Dutch Design Week including an exhibition with the works of all winners and nominees of 2019. The exhibition tells the story behind the designs, places them in their social context and shows the impact and meaning of the designs. Visitors can also vote for their favourite design. The design with the most votes is awarded the Public Award at the end of the Dutch Design Week.

Have you become as enthusiastic as we are? Then plan some time to visit the exhibition in the Lichttoren next to relaxing in the wellness or following the tips from the museum special: Eindhoven.

You’ll be surprised!

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