In the most recent years, Dutch Design Week has grown in the number of designers, more locations, and greater events. The annual event takes place in the city that breathes innovation and creativity, Eindhoven. In nine days from October 19th until and including the 27th 2019 more than 350.000 visitors will attend Dutch Design Week. This year’s theme is ‘If not now, then when?’.

Creative Designs & Locations

Dutch Design Week’s key focus is based on the designs of the future. The creative mind is challenged to more than just design, creating a problem-solving concept is part of the whole initiative. During Dutch Design Week, the greatest design event of Northern Europe, 2600 designers will share their work and concepts.

At many different and remarkable locations, the designs are displayed. The whole city of Eindhoven is used and all doors will be opened during Dutch Design Week. You’ll find concepts at the Strijp districts, S, T & R, but for example, also at Warehouse of Innovation and the Temporary Art Center (TAC) in the centre, the spaces are filled.


The most distinctive designs have a chance of winning the Dutch Design Award. These are the designs that are most unique in multiple disciplines. The winner will be chosen based on the design that is most relevant, that has an impact on the targeted field in combination with the approach and form of the concept. The different categories in which prizes fall vary from Habitat to Young Designer. Check out all the categories and requirements on the website of Dutch Design Awards.

Overnight stay

Stay overnight at the artistic Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Awards. The 4-star hotel, where none of the 230 rooms are equal, is uniquely situated in the bustling centre of Eindhoven. Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven is within walking distance of the best restaurants, shops, art galleries, museums and Dutch Design Week.

You can also check out last year’s winner, Royal Delft Augmented Blueware, at Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven.

You’ll be surprised!

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