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Eurovision song contest Rotterdam

The biggest music spectacle of the year will not take place in 2020, but will be back in 2021. For more than 60 years European countries have been battling it out to win the Eurovision song contest. Now everyone will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the Eurovision song contest in the Netherlands.

Hotel rooms Eurovision song contest

As soon as the ticket sales start, hotel rooms in Rotterdam will be sold. When coming to Rotterdam for the Eurovision you will want a hotel close to the Ahoy, but you also want to get the feeling of being in Rotterdam. Our hotels are located at the base of the iconic Erasmusbrug. From your room you will have a view over the skyline of Rotterdam or the authentic Leuvehaven, one of the harbours of the city. You can enjoy the beauty of the harbour city Rotterdam.

Rotterdam host Eurovision

The battle of hosting the Eurovision song contest 2020 was between 5 Dutch cities. In the end, Rotterdam got the huge honour of being named the host city. This Dutch metropolis has everything to ensure the event will be a huge success. The venue, Ahoy, has hosted many grand spectacles and is ready to make this a night to remember.

History Eurovision song contest

The very first edition of the Eurovision song contest was on the 24th of May 1956. Marcel Benzençon was the initiator and based the contest on the Italian Sanremo music festival. In its first year 7 countries competed. During the early years of the contest, it was an unwritten rule that songs were in the contestants’ own language. In 1965 when Sweden entered with an English song this rule was made official. A few years later the rule was nullified again, and ABBA won the contest with their Waterloo. Nowadays the Eurovision song contest is one of the best entertainment shows in the world. In 2019 the semi-finals and finals were watched by 182 million fans worldwide. Currently, even countries outside of Europe come to battle it out in this spectacular sing- and show competition. We can be very proud of The Netherlands as we’ve been competing since the first edition and have won a total of 5 times.

Duncan Laurence

Were you also impatiently waiting to see who would win the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv? Our own Duncan Laurence was the crowd favourite and won the competition. Thanks to his triumph he secured The Netherlands the honour of hosting the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Did you know Duncan Laurence also has a special connection with Rotterdam? He recorded his hit Arcade in the Maassilo. Parties for the contestant and their delegations will be held here during the festival.

Who will represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2021?

Artist Jeangu Macrooy will be representing The Netherlands at the Eurovision song contest 2021. Previously he played Judas in the grand spectacle The Passion. His music style can be described as modern soul. Those who aren’t familiar with his vocal stylings can listen to his music on Spotify.

Eurovision playlist

The Eurovision song contest is all about music. Get into the mood with the Songfestival Top 40 playlist on Spotify. Or prepare your own playlist with personal favourites for your personal preparation for the festival. Which song must be included according to us? Arcade by Duncan Laurence off course!

You’ll be surprised!