Exhibition by artist Stef van Strij at Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven

Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven offers young artists the opportunity to exhibit. From 1 March, the works of up-and-coming artist Stef van Strij can be admired in the Art Gallery of Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven. His minimalist art pieces are sleek in form and characterised by the use of 23-carat gold leaf. Each artwork includes a certificate of authenticity. When purchasing one of the works, Stef personally delivers the artwork to its new owner. This exhibition is still on show until 31 August 2023.

Read on and plan your visit to the Art Gallery soon.


Stef van Strij was born in Gouda in The Netherlands. At a young age he was inspired by his grandmother (Ineke van Dijk) who made bronze sculptures and portraits for influential people and governments around the world. After several jobs in fashion and sales he decided to move to the capital Amsterdam to start a new life. Three years later he owned a successful company where they sold broadcast time for Dutch tv-programs. He had everything he ever dreamed of. Living in a luxury canal house in the city, driving his dream car, owning a successful company and enough money to travel for years. Unfortunately he was more unhappy then ever before. All these materialistic things turned out to be only temporary pleasure and had nothing to do with real happiness or who he really was. When the COVID-19 pandemic came, he lost his business and ended up in a bad environment with a lot of partying and drugs use followed by a burn-out and depression.

At this point he couldn’t get any lower so after a miserable year he realized that the only way was up.  He found his purpose in creativity and inspiring others with his art.

Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven loves art. The Art Gallery is located in the glass conservatory that connects the Lichttoren and the Mathilde building. In the Art Gallery, you find continuous exhibitions of talented exhibitors. Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven makes it possible to combine a stay with admiring the latest exhibitions in cooperation with local artists. Make sure you visit the Art Gallery and book your stay via the website of Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven. Also take a look at Visit these exhibitions in Eindhoven in 2022 for other inspiring exhibitions.


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