Mainport - Highlights of Rotterdam: tips from local experts

Highlights of Rotterdam: tips from local experts

The most fun activities and must-sees described in a way only a local can do. Inntel Hotels’ own Joey has been living and working in Rotterdam his whole life. You could pretty much say he ‘breathes’ Rotterdam. His tips and to-dos and highlights of Rotterdam will make you want to visit this beautiful city.

Who is the person that ‘breathes’ Rotterdam? 

My name is Joey Koevermans, I am 25 years young and I was born and raised in Rotterdam.  Recently I came back to work at the beautiful Mainport by Inntel Hotels. I’m in direct contact with our guests in the capacity of Guest Relations Officer.
When I was a part-time (night) doorman at Mainport three years ago the hotel and its guests left such a positive impression. This made me very excited to wear that orange tie once again.

What is the appeal of Rotterdam to the tourists?

This is something that I love to discuss with the guests at the hotel. During these conversations, a couple of subjects come up regularly. Tourists love the architecture and the “local” cuisine. Due to our International nature, as a port city, we have always been a place where you can eat food from all around the world. You can say that people go on a discovery tour for their taste-buds here. Combine that with a tour past all the many industrial and modern buildings and you have a representation of what Rotterdam is all about.

 What does Rotterdam mean to you personally?

Rotterdam is my home. For the past 25 years, the city has brought me many happy memories. The backdrop of Rotterdam gives a magical touch to all those good times I’ve spent with family, friends or by myself.

Rotterdam will always have my heart, a true labour (wo)man’s city with a mindset like the Dutch quote: ‘niet lullen, maar poetsen’. It basically means do not jibber-jab, but work.

What makes Rotterdam the best city in the Netherlands?

The first thing you’ll notice when driving through Rotterdam is the beautiful architecture. It is a rich port city that invests in both the inside and outside of the city. The outside or the looks are the beautiful buildings that form the well-known skyline of the city. The inside is the freedom to be and do what you want to do. Due to the broad diversity of the city, a simple trip can turn into an amazing memory for everyone.

 Which place is unknown to most but is a must-visit for everyone?

For me, that is without a doubt the Kralingse Plas. It is an extraordinary beautiful nature reserve in the neighbourhood called ‘Kralingen’. On the 810 acres, there is a lot of watersport and fishing going on. During the summer this is the hotspot where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings.

This is the place-to-be for sun-bathing, the best jog of your life or if you’re just in the need for some distraction from everyday life.

P.S. It’s also the place to go for a lovers stroll.

At last: Which highlight should a guest pay a visit to during a city trip in Rotterdam?

Usually, when a guest tells me they want to see more of Rotterdam I advise them to go to the Markthal and its surrounding area. It combines the love of highlights with the passion for good food making it definitely worth the visit. You can easily fill your entire day in the surrounding area called Blaak with its many shops and terraces. The cherry on top of a perfect day is a stroll along the Maas boulevard.

The perfect place to relax after a long day is the Waterfront Spa Room at Mainport by Inntel Hotels. It is the ultimate ‘jet-set’ room with a large whirlpool in front of the window from which you have a stunning view of the historic Leuvehaven.

You’ll be surprised.