How to keep cool on a city trip?

Hot time, summer in the city! When summer arrives and temperatures rise, it gets extra hot in the big city. At home you’re able to put your feet in a cool foot bath or turn on the fan, but how do you keep it cool during a city trip? We have collected the best tips for you.

Ice-cream walk

Instead of walking past the best restaurants in town you might walk past all the best Ice-cream parlours in town. Not only will you be able to cool down with a delicious treat, but you will also see more of the city. Maybe even parts you wouldn’t normally see.

City beach

Visit a nice city beach! Have you already seen everything you wanted to see in the city? Then go to the beach! We have already collected the best city beaches for you here. So when you leave for a city trip, don’t forget to pack your beach towel.

Keep drinking

The water in your body literally evaporates when you sweat, so keep drinking! On the terrace, a nice restaurant, in your room. And how lucky that you can drink from the tap at all Inntel Hotels, which is tasty, cheap and refreshing. Are you already on the road and need to refill your bottle of water? All water points are now also on Google Maps. Google “water tap” and all public taps will appear on the map.

Go shopping

When you think of shopping, you might think of walking around and lugging bags, but many stores and malls have something indispensable during the heat: air conditioning. Score a new outfit whilst enjoying a cooler temperature, now that’s killing two birds with one stone. Or indulge yourself in a high-end boutique. They will likely offer you a refreshing drink.

Go boating

On the Amsterdam canals or the Oudegracht, over the Maas or the Zaan, you can rent a boat, or book a spot everywhere. Whether you take the water taxi, make a boat tour or have a friend with a sloop, it is always a little cooler on the water.

You’ll be surprised.