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How to keep cool during a city trip?

The first few summery days of the year are behind us. At home, you probably already know how to cool down, but how to keep cool during a city trip? We collected the best tips for you.

Ice-cream walk

Instead of walking past the best restaurants in town you might walk past all the best Ice-cream parlours in town. Not only will you be able to cool down with a delicious treat, but you will also see more of the city. Maybe even parts you wouldn’t normally see.

City beach

We see them a lot nowadays: city beaches. Did you visit all the hotspots? Go to the beach! We previously wrote about the best city beaches to visit. So when you’re going on a city trip don’t forget to pack your beach towel!

Ice Bar

Many big cities around the globe have a really ‘cool’ attraction to visit: The Ice Bar. Here everything is made from ice. Even the glasses are made from ice. You will not be able to spend a lot of time there, but you will most certainly cool down.

Go shopping!

When you think of going shopping you might think about a lot of walking and carrying heavy bags, but a lot of shops and shopping malls have something you will need for the heat… air conditioning. While browsing for a cool new outfit you will enjoy the cooler temperature. Two birds with one stone. Extra tip: If you go to a high-end store you will often get a cool beverage as well.

We hope our tips will help you to have an amazing city trip even during a heat wave!

You’ll be surprised.