Did you know you have an influence on remembering special moments? The trick is to experience a unique event with the people you hold dear. Through the right combination of ingredients, you can ensure an unforgettable time! Make your stay extra special with the Bubbles & Bath Special.

1. Take someone with you who makes you laugh

Do you remember the drinks with a friend that turned into dancing until the morning? These are memories that will stick because you’ve had so much fun. So when going on a city trip, take someone that has a healthy dose of humor!

2. Get yourself out of your daily routine and feel the change!

Your emotions are stimulated by something you’ve never done before. Treat yourself to luxury in a completely new environment and let the memory-making begin.

3. Enough sleep is the key to a good memory

By getting enough sleep you make sure that your memories last longer and with more details. Hence the reason why sleeping comfort is so important when you go on a city trip. At Inntel Hotels you sleep on ultra-comfortable beds of DOUXE Hotel Luxury.

4. Good fatty acids are delicious and good for your brain

Eating freshly caught fish or nuts is besides very delicious also good for our memory. When choosing a city trip destination, take a route to the ‘fish auction’ in the harbor, where you enjoy the freshest fish.

5. Meditating and working-out

You can approach training your memory very scientifically. It is proven that meditating and working out are both contribute to longer-lasting memories. So besides taking time off in the Finnish sauna or steam bath, go work out for an hour or so to the gym.

6. Share your stories with friends (or your social feed)

Talk to each other about what you liked most about the day while sipping bubbles in the whirlpool. By recalling the same story over and over again you’ll keep the memory ‘lively’. In that way, all your beautiful memories will stay with you.

7. Celebrate the moments you’re proud of!

Don’t miss out on celebrating moments like buying a house or getting a new job. These are the moments that leave an impactful memory. This is how you will create memories that are worth it to remember forever. The fun memories like a toast on an anniversary or family reunion will always stick with you.

Make your city trip unforgettable with a luxurious stay in a room with a whirlpool and a bottle of bubbles at arrival. Reserve one of the Wellness Rooms- or Suites and celebrate moments to remember.

Bubbles & Bath Special

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre
‘In the heart of the city on a walking distance to all the cities highlights’
Overnight stay in a Spa or Wellness Room | From 93 euro p.p.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark

‘Inspired by the rich, industrial history of the location’

Overnight stay in a Spa or Wellness Room | From 79 euro p.p.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam

‘Stay in the world-famous Zaan houses’

Overnight stay in the Founders Suite | From 87 euro p.p.

Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven

‘From light bulb to art’

Overnight stay in a room with iconic round whirlpool | From 76 euro p.p.

Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach

‘At the head of the northern pier’

Overnight stay in a Spa-, Wellness- or Wellness Sea View Room | From 92 euro p.p.

5-star Mainport by Inntel Hotels

‘Located on the banks of the river Maas’

Overnight stay in a luxurious room with whirlpool | From 110 euro p.p.

Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre

‘In the centre, on the waterfront and at the foot of the Erasmus Bridge’

Overnight stay in a Panorama Junior Suite | From 73 euro p.p.

Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre

‘Follow the lines and curves of the city.’

Overnight stay in a Spa or Wellness Room | From 85 euro p.p.

 You’ll be surprised.