Perhaps you’ve already started planning the ultimate surprise or you might not have a clue what to do. Fact is, whether you love it or think it’s some commercial hassle, there’s no way of escaping it. Valentine’s Day appears everywhere, from stores to social media and even on Netflix. Can we tempt you into celebrating the day of ‘secret’ love?


It is a fact that the most popular gifts bought by men are flowers. Woman are more likely to buy a thoughtful postcard. All nice tokens of appreciation, but not really surprising right?! Who doesn’t like to be truly surprised with a thoughtful gift, romantic get together or a from the heart written declaration of love? You’ll be surprised of how much this can mean to your partner. Psst.. Don’t just be a romantic on Valentine’s day but any other day of the year is just as meaningful.


Are you a true cupid? And you, like no one else, know what your partner desires, but only need that little push for the ultimate surprise. Choose a city and think back to the beautiful memories you created. Book a romantic stay with lovely extra’s, be care free and enjoy the relaxing moments. Wander off together and declare each other your love.

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