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King’s Day

In The Netherlands, we have a unique holiday called King’s Day. Every year tourists from around the holiday come to celebrate this special day with us. Unfortunately, some of them come 3 days late due to old travel guides. Read all about King’s Day and the best places to celebrate.

Update: We will not celebrate King’s Day in 2020. The Dutch will be glad to welcome you for King’s Day 2021.

Be sure to mark the 27th of April on your calendar!

Some old travel guides might inform you about April 30th. We used to celebrate the queen’s birthday (princess Beatrix) on this day. Now that we have a king this festive and orange day is definitely April 27th. The Dutch even have a name for tourist that are 3 days early “de vergistoerist”  or “mixed-up-kings-day-tourist”.

King’s Night

In truth, King’s Day festivities start the night before. On the 26th of April there are a lot of King’s night parties. Every pub, bar and disco will be filled with people, because most people don’t have to work on King’s Day. In Rotterdam you can go to the Witte de Withstraat or to one of the many festivals. Like the Oranje Pakhuis Festival or TIKTAK which also hosts parties in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

What to do on King’s Day?

King’s Day means entertainment for all ages. It is the only day that flea markets are allowed everywhere. At the biggest flea markets, there will also be lots of fun games and activities. In all the major cities there will be music stages and a lot of people wearing orange! One of the best places to celebrate King’s Day in is Eindhoven! It is such a popular city that they even created an app for King’s Day in Eindhoven.

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Orange is the new…

The canals of Amsterdam colours orange and are packed with (party) boats. You will find the flea markets along the canals and in the parks. Did you know that 20% of all Dutch people clean out their attic and display the finds on a rug so that others can buy them? It is never quiet during King’s Day in the capital, but that makes it so nice. In addition to the many boats, no fewer than 250,000 people visit Amsterdam by train.

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A flea market that lasts for 24 hours

In Utrecht they love the flea market so much that it lasts for 24 hours! It starts at 18:00 o’clock on the 26th of April and ends at 18:00 o’clock on the 27th of April. People will be buying and selling their treasures and the bars and restaurants will be there to supply you with tasty food and drinks.

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Rollerblading in Rotterdam

Besides the many King’s Day festivals, Rotterdam also offers a lot of family-friendly activities. Throughout the streets of Rotterdam there will be games, face-painting and lots of music. The Markthal is reserved for sellers and performers under the age of 16. Or strap on those rollerblades and go to the Royal Roller Disco at Deliplein!

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We hope that these tips will help you to get a memorable King’s Day (and King’s night!)

You’ll be surprised.