Every year for eight days, the centre of Eindhoven changes into one large luminous museum. From 9 to 16 November, artists offer the audience a surprisingly new view of the city with their lighting installations, sculptures, projections and performances during the 14th edition of GLOW.

GLOW accentuates Eindhoven’s strong bond with light. In 1870 the match industry started and in 1891 Philips built a light bulb factory. GLOW offers a platform for artists, designers, and architects who are active in the field of light. Projections, video, computers, sensors, animation: GLOW shows that the possibilities of light art are inexhaustible. The spectacular free festival even made the top 5 of most visited light festivals in the world.

Living Colours

The theme for GLOW 2019 is Living Colours. Artists embraced the theme and made it their own by asking themselves questions like: “What happens if we dissect the spectrum of light?, Which colours do we see, where do they lead us? and How do colours relate to the source of light?”

The route that will start at the Augustijnenkerk will be extra special this year. It will go straight through the Van Abbemuseum and all GLOW visitors will get to see the museum of contemporary art from the inside. To complete your GLOW experience you can finish with a visit to the Lightshow NOVITER at the Phillips Stadium.


The GLOW Run is becoming a real tradition. Saturday 16th November, GLOW will be ended with a run of approximately 6 kilometers. This follows the same route as the GLOW route and guarantees an impressive running route. Upon registration, participants receive a LED gadget and admittance to the unique afterparty.

Unique overnight stay

Make a festive trip complete by visiting GLOW, and booking your overnight stay at Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven. At this unique 4-star hotel no room is the same. Its location in the heart of the city will offer you a unique view of the Illuminated City.

You’ll be surprised!

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