We are proud of the rich history of Zaandam. This is why we display it in our hotel and rooms. In this museum special, we share some of Zaandam’s museums so you can learn even more about Zaandam.

Tsar Peter House

We previously wrote about Tsar Peter’s visit to Zaandam. The cottage where he stayed isn’t far from the hotel and opens every day at 10 a.m. Throughout history, many famous people visited this cottage, including Napoleon and Sisi, and now you can go to. To stay in this atmosphere you can book a night in one of the unique hotel suites of the Netherlands: The Tsar Peter suite.

Zaanse Schans

When you’re visiting Zaandam you have to go to the Zaanse Schans. Besides the famous Windmills and the many photo opportunities there are also some unique museum locations. The Weaver’s House, The Cooperage and The Jisper House will transport you back to times long past.

Weaver’s House

In The Weaver’s House two families lived right in-between five looms. It’s an interactive museum where you can sit behind a loom and meet the weavers. Who know you might discover you have a passion for weaving.

The Cooperage

Always wondered how those pretty barrels are made? At The Cooperage you can learn all about it. There are even volunteers who will demonstrate the old craft of making barrels.

The Jisper House

Jisp is the smallest village of the Zaan region which is known for its fisherman’s past. In The Jisperhouse you can learn how people lived and worked there. It also possible to take a picture in costume here. Say cheese!

Verkade Experience

Verkade might be one of the most well-known companies from the Zaan region. In the Zaans Museum, you will find the Verkade Experience. Where you can learn all about chocolate and cookies through interactive games. You can even create your own custom Verkade chocolate bar. Did you know we have our own Verkade cookie in the ceiling of our restaurant?

Hembrug Museum

The Hembrug Museum is a free open-air exhibition. Perfect to visit during a warm day. You can learn all about the weapon and ammunitions factory that was located here until 2003. There’s also a tour in Dutch.

We hope these tips will make your visit to Zaandam even more special. Which museum will you visit?

You’ll be surprised!