Are you already planning your future trips for 2019? Christmas and New Year’s Eve have just passed by, however the florists of the Netherlands are already preparing for the next national holiday. Upcoming January the 19th we have National Tulip Day. Amsterdam’s Dam Square will be filled with colourful tulips and forms a beautiful temporary garden.

The Dam Square

The Dam Square will be turned into a picking garden, where everyone can pick their own tulips for free. The expectations are there will be 10.000 people picking a free bouquet from the 200.000 tulips in the temporary garden. Visit this spectacular site you shouldn’t miss when visiting Amsterdam.

Fun facts

Tulips were first imported into the Netherlands from the former Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century. As result of its popularity tulips even started the first economic bubble. There was such a high demand for the flowers and bulbs it gained monetary value and it was used as money. This day we can’t imagine tulips being a part of the Dutch culture.

The kick-off of Tulip season is officially on National Tulip Day in January until the of April. During this period you can the most varieties of tulips from florists and flower stands. There are complete flower fields at the Kop van Noord-Holland, Aalsmeer and of course Keukenhof. Depending on the weather the best time to visit the flower field may differ. Recent years have shown that the best period for the flower fields to flourish is starting from the end of March until May.

The feeling of spring in your room

At Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre we have dedicated our Wellness Rooms to tulips and the flower market. The Wellness Rooms comes with a whirlpool and private sauna. So relax in the whirlpool, relieve stress in the sauna, add the details of tulips and it constantly feels like Spring.

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