5 x Innsider Tips for the Perfect Wedding Venue

There is no question that your wedding day needs to be one of the most special and memorable days of your life. Creating the ultimate wedding brings a lot of fun and excitement, but when it comes to the actual planning, it might feel a little overwhelming every now and then. The many expectations and pressure of organizing such an event can easily drive a person a little crazy, but don’t worry, we got you covered! Here are our top 5 Innsider prep tips that will for sure serve as a source of inspiration and relief for your upcoming wedding preparations.

1.Be creative
We all know, weddings are a once in a lifetime event. However, that doesn’t mean that every detail will need to be expensive and over the top. Sometimes the small and unique details are the ones that make your wedding a one of a kind experience. For example, affordable ideas such as calligraphy menus, ceiling lamps, tinkle lights, paper lanterns or a personalized new family photo wall or family tree can give a new edge and fresh look as opposed to your everyday ordinary wedding decorations.

2.The couple’s dream/Define your fairytale wedding
Picture your big day; what do you think would be your dream wedding venue? What is the perfect ambiance that you would like to create? A wedding is a great occasion and chance to tell your very own love story, therefore concentrate on what’s important for you to have as a couple. More than anything else make the venue your own for the celebration day, this could include the scenery of the location, the decoration, music and food. For example, are you looking for themes such as a tropical beach wedding, a unique Christmas wedding with incredible skyline views or a special romantic ballroom? Would you rather get a chic vibe with bouquets of flowers or are you looking for rather a bigger space for all the dancers of the family? Arrive in style by boat or limousine, or maybe even by bike?

3.The bride & groom as the center of attention The saying “less is more” can definitely apply to wedding decorations. When selecting your wedding decorations try to find a pattern and balance between all ornamental elements to avoid any sort of overshadowing. When it comes to the decoration of your venue you will need to find a coherence that satisfies you, so that every detail of your big day makes you happy. Don’t hesitate to take a glimpse at our mood board for great inspiration!

4.How to keep the wedding planning fun
Be on the lookout when planning your wedding, and get a memorable day for you and for your guests! Don’t forget to include comfort and convenience to avoid a beautiful setting from quickly becoming an undesirable party nightmare. If none of your guests fit within the available space, or if there is no room to admire your wedding details. Propose a fun gathering of wedding planning to your friends. Make a game out of it, discuss your ideas and all the possibilities and let them help you. After all, that’s what friends are for!

5.Yes, we’re sorry… but make sure to set your budget!
And last but definitely not least, before agreeing to any decoration or contract set yourself a realistic budget and respect it throughout your wedding planning. Understand your guest capacity and follow our advice that a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive to become a true and memorable fairy tale. Relax take it easy and enjoy your wedding preps!

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