The moment where the real-time Amsterdammers have been waiting for has arrived; The boat season has started again! Canals fill up slowly with, besides the regular canal cruise companies, the private boats of the locals too. The leaves colour green, the streets are bustling, the sun shines and people walk and race through the streets, but especially sail through the canals in a relaxed manner. The best and most relaxing way to discover Amsterdam is -for sure – from the water.

Ever wanted to sail through the canals of Amsterdam? Then this is your moment of glory! We’ve listed you some of the opportunities:

Traditional canal cruise

A traditional cruise may seem cliché, but it might be the best option if you really want to learn something about Amsterdam and its iconic canals. Besides, you are guaranteed a tour of seeing the most beautiful places in Amsterdam!

Lovers Canal Cruises departs from various points in the city centre and offers several possibilities and packages. Whether you want a tour during the day, or in the evening, with or without food … it’s up to you!

Your very own boat

Is a traditional canal tour not really for you? And prefer to float on the water like you want to? Our Sloep friends are a very good option! Perfect for a day or just a few hours with your own club of friends to discover the canals and the Amsterdam ambiance. Don’t forget to moor in at no.1 hotspot of Amsterdam – Hannekes Boom – for a snack and a drink.

P.s.: A water card for your journey through the canals of Amsterdam can of course not be missing.

Plastic Whale

Perhaps you like and prefer to sail for a charity. Plastic Whale is an organization dedicated to the cleaning of the canals of Amsterdam and fighting for plastic free waters.

You and your team sail through the canals of Amsterdam and intercept all the plastic that you’ll encounter. You’re not only enjoying the atmosphere on the water, but also contribute to plastic free waters in Amsterdam.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre

During the Dutch summer, you won’t like to miss out on a day of sailing through the canals of Amsterdam. The capital looks the most enchanting from the water. Apart from floating on the water there are of course a lot of other hotspots that are worthwhile your visit. Take advantage of your Amsterdam visit and sleepover at Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre, located in the centre of Amsterdam just a 5-minute walk from the Central Station.


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