Roman forts, picturesque canals, family activities and a lot more. There are many ways to spend a staycation in Utrecht. Learn more about the historic museums, sporty activities, local specialties and the best places to sunbathe in Utrecht.

Discover the history of Utrecht

Utrecht is a city with a rich history. It was already a place of great importance during the Roman era. You will see that history when you walk through the city with its beautiful building. Admire more historic buildings and art with these museums


Museum the Catharijneconvent is located in a centuries old convent in the medieval heart of Utrecht. You can admire one of the most important medieval collections in The Netherlands here. Be amazed by the treasures, paintings and sacred sculptures in their collection.

Slot Zuylen

Have you always wanted to know what daily life was like in a castle? Pay a visit to Slot Zuylen one of the oldest castles along the river Vecht. In the castle you’ll find a wonderful collection of art, antiques and utensils. You should visit the gardens as well with amongst other things an orchard, rose garden and landscape park.

Hoge Woerd

The archaeology museum of Utrecht is located in Castellum Hoge Woerd.  Walk over the six metre high walls of the Roman fort. Along the route you’ll learn all about 3000 years of life in the region, living on the Roman border and about the Roman ship and its unique inventory.

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Family fun

A visit to Utrecht offers a lot of fun for the entire family. Make a walk through the city a treasure hunt by playing find Miffy. Miffy can be found in many places in the city centre be sure to check traffic lights, street signs and statues. With our family fun activities you’ll get that real vacation feeling.

On the water

Having fun on the water and also having a positive effect on nature is possible in Utrecht. At The Adventure Guide you will pick litter out of the water while supping, canoeing or from a hammock on a boat. Every boat will have a skewer and a bucket to fish everything out of the water. A fun and educational activity for the entire family.

Jeu de boules

Would you normally play Jeu de boules on a French camping site during the summer? You can also play in Utrecht! At Jeu the balls are waiting for you! Which team will win, team parents or team kids? Jeu is located close to the hotel and Utrecht Centraal Station.

Ping Pong

Another popular camping site activity is ping pong. Which is also possible in Utrecht! At the Ping Pong Club you can become the new ping pong champion. Do put in your best effort, because the worst players have to kiss Fanny. Who that is? That you’ll discover there. After playing ping pong the fun can continue with the other games they have here.

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Local specialties

Domtorentjes, Utrechtse spritsen and Utrechtse theerandje are all sweet delicacies from Utrecht. You have to try these. They also make for nice souvenirs to bring home.


A Domtorentje is a large chocolate made with dark cholate and with a creamy chocolate centre. You can recognize them by the Dom tower on the top. The best place to purchase them is at Banketbakkerij Theo Blom where they were invented in 1922.

Utrechtse spritsen

While you’re purchasing the Domtorentjes you can also get the Utrechtse botersprits at Theo Blom. These cookies are still made with the 132 year old recipe by Pieter Bergman from 1888.

Utrechtse theerandje

The cookie with the best story isn’t purchased, but home-made. A boy in love will give the Utrechtse Theerandje to the one that caught his eye. You eat the cookie with a cup of tea.

Are you visiting Utrecht on a nice summer day? Be sure to visit the best terraces and ice-cream shops.

The best spots by the waterside

A refreshing dip in the water and lounging on a beach chair or towel. Can you use some time by the waterside? We searched the city for the best pools and beaches.

Swimming and lounging with a view

The pool with the best view can be found at Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre. It feels like your swimming into the skyline of Utrecht from the infinity pool at Spa Dôme.

Het zwembad met het mooiste uitzicht vind je bij Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre. Vanuit de infinity pool van Spa Dôme is het net alsof je de skyline van Utrecht inzwemt. Ook vanaf de design loungestoelen op het buitenterras heb je een prachtig uitzicht op de Domtoren.

Strand Oog In Al

At Strand Oog in Al you can lounge beside the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal giving you a great view on all the boats passing by. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can listen to the best tunes here. They mix 80’s songs with disco and house.

Down Under

Does your perfect beach day involve activities? Pay a visit to Down Under! They offer various beach activities such as surfing, wake boarding, tubing, water-skiing and volleyball.

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For your vacation album

To remember your vacation fun you’re going to need some pictures to put in your album. Utrecht is the perfect backdrop for your pictures with its picturesque canals and characteristic buildings.


Characteristic for the Nieuwegracht are the many monumental canal houses, the wharf cellars and bridges. After a stroll along this canal you will return home with a lot of pictures.

De pandhof

The hidden garden of the Dom church, de pandhof, is an idyllic place filled with flowers and herbs. It is one of the most beautiful court gardens in The Netherland and it has a magnificent view on the Dom tower and church.

De zadelstraat

The photogenic Zadelstraat with a grand view of the Dom Tower is probably the first stone street in the country. The name Zadelstraat first appears in 1330 and refers to the saddlers who lived here.

Keep your camera close while you’re walking through Utrecht and fill up that album.

An overnight stay in Utrecht

The perfect base for a visit to Utrecht is Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre. The hotel is located on a central location in the city centre and next to Utrecht Centraal Station and shopping mall Hoog Catharijne. Due to the focus on wellness in the hotel you will have a relaxing stay. Be sure to test the comfortable beds, (bubble) baths and Spa Dôme.

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