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Duurzamer reizen als hotelgast

Surprisingly Sustainable: contributing to a better world as a guest

Did you know there are many ways to contribute to the environment during your city trip? Just like at home. Choose sustainable alternatives during your stay and work towards a better future for our planet. Every little bit helps, like choosing local products or travelling by public transport. With Surprisingly Sustainable Inntel Hotels collaborates with (business) relations, employees and guests to continuously optimise the role of the hotel group in the environment and society.

1. From A to B: energy-efficient transport

As a guest saving starts during the outward journey. There are various options to reach your destination. All of the Inntel Hotels locations are located in city centres close to public transport. But, public transport is not only more energy-efficient. Think about the traffic jam you will avoid, the amazing views you will enjoy and the people (locals) you will meet.

Are you ready to discover the city, go to a meeting or maybe have a romantic date night with your loved one? Grab one of our bikes! You can easily reserve a bike at the front desk. Public transport tickets are available at the front desk as well.

2. Save energy, save the planet

Are you comfortable enjoying your bath and bed linen for an extra day? On a yearly basis this will save a lot of water and laundry detergents. Do you want some fresh sheets and/or towels? Put the housekeeping card on your pillow and place your towels in the bathtub or on the bathroom floor.

3. #photooftheday

After a long day in the city it’s probably time to share your Instagram worthy pictures with the world. Easily connect to our free Wi-Fi when doing this. Each photo you share online, contributes to the data traffic that stands for 2% of the world wide CO2 emissions (which is almost equal to the aviation industry). Wi-Fi operates over a shorter distance which makes this a more sustainable alternative.

Would you like to do even more? We know this might be hard, but by posting your best shot instead of a extended travel journey, you can save even more energy.

4. Enjoy responsibly

The breakfast buffet is full of delicious dishes, which can lead to choice overload. Are you already in doubt about finishing your plate? Prevent your eyes from being bigger than your stomach. Enjoy the food you really like and maybe visit the buffet several times. Together we can fight against food waste while enjoying a luxurious, extended breakfast.

5. Discover local specialties

Local products need less transportation. Also, it is the perfect way to explore the city. At Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam you will enjoy great food from the Zaan area, and at Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven you can taste 100 Watt beer from the city brewery. By discovering local specialties you can make a more sustainable choice and support the locals!

6. Help & save yourself some money!

The tap water quality in The Netherlands is extremely high. It is safe to drink water from the taps in the hotels. Help the environment by bringing your own water bottle and save plastic as well as and mineral water. Water from the tap is about 200 times cheaper and 100 times more environmentally friendly.

Inntel Hotels respects people and the environment and therefore we do everything we can to contribute to a healthy planet. We see it as our duty as a hotel group to contribute to society and the environment. We continue to develop through ambitious goals, in order to work together for a better world.