The Inntel Hotels experiences of Dustin the Duck

Dustin the Duck is the mascot and an “employee” of Inntel Hotels.  He can usually be found next to the iconic round whirlpool. He travels to all the hotels and shares his experiences on his personal Instagram account. Recently he has visited Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre and Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre to test the guests’ experience.

Who is Dustin the Duck?

Dustin is a hedonist. He enjoys the nicer things in life and can always be found next to a whirlpool. Since August 2019 Dustin has been working as a ‘quality controller’ at Inntel Hotels. As a highly valued employee and a welcomed guest, he visits all the hotels to personally experience the rooms and facilities.

Experiences in the hotels

Dustin might look cute to you, but don’t be mistaken he is quite a critic. He knows, better than anyone, what guests find important during their holidays. His checklist for checking the hotel is quite long. It includes the friendliness of the employees, the cleanliness and comfort of the rooms and off course the wellness facilities. In his free time, he discovers the surroundings of the hotels.

Dustin is a true ambassador and a bit of a show-off when it comes down to his adventures. He’s constantly sharing his pictures with his friends on his Instagram account. For them, it’s no secret that he likes to surround himself with luxury.

Wellness experience in Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre

Dustin did not hesitate to book a Suite with a whirlpool and sauna. The suite -of course- has a bubble bath and a private sauna. On his way to the hotel, Dustin makes a short pit stop to snap a picture of the canals. Of course, he needs to show everyone that he really is in the centre of Amsterdam.

After check-in, he starts with his quality control right away. The room is modern (check), large (check) and has a bubble bath (double-check). To be able to check the room service he ordered room service breakfast. This is something he can get used to.

Relaxation and sports 

Fully experiencing the Wellness Club… Dustin has a real tough job. After soaking in the whirlpool all of last night he would really like some exercise today and a detox for the body.  Quack, that feels good! For his healthy lifestyle exercising in the Life Fitness gym and using the Turkish steam bath as part of his bi-weekly routine.

The icons of Amsterdam

The characteristic wallpaper at Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre cannot go unnoticed. Typical scenes and icons of Amsterdam are included in the design. A perfect backdrop for another selfie to post on Instagram.

Follow the lines in Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre

After his visit to Amsterdam, his second stop is Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre.  Dustin spots the hotel already from the train. Humble as he is he chose a Wellness Room. Because in this room he can look at the train tracks from the whirlpool. Hours of floating and looking at the trains: that’s pure luxury.

The first thing Dustin sees in the colourful room is the theme ‘Connections’. The headboard includes designs of Miffy by Dick Bruna and the train connections. Not surprising at all, of course, the hotel is right next to Central Station. Fortunately, it is very quiet at night in bed which is very important.

Swimming at a great height

Let’s start off the day properly with a Nespresso coffee. ‘What else?’ Dustin loves to be a tourist in his own country. A visit to the Dom tower and Castle the Haar are of course included in his planning. His appetite plays up once he’s back at the hotel. He decides to try the Inntel Original Beef Burger. He is not a vegetarian, but he also doesn’t like to eat his own species.

The weekend always ends in the water for our favourite duck. In the ‘golden hour’ he flies to the 11th floor in his bathrobe. From the pool, he looks at the lights of the old city for one last time.

Then his time at Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre is up, it’s time for another quality control. Do you want to know where he’s staying now? Check out his Instagram page!


You’ll be surprised.