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The ultimate packing list for a city trip

What items are absolutely unmissable when you’re going on a city trip? Everyone has a story about an item that was a necessity during a trip, but was unfortunately left at home. Standing at the airport without a passport is a good (and frequent) example. With our ultimate packing list for a city trip you will be totally ready to travel. All you need to do is book your destination.

What will the weather be like?

Your suitcase will off course including clothes. To pack the right clothes it is smart to check the weather at your destination in advance. The weather, especially in The Netherlands, can be subject to change. Our tip is to pack an extra set of clothing and at least an extra pair of socks and underwear. Will you be visiting a historic or religious site like the Cenakel convent in Utrecht or the Blue Mosque in Amsterdam? Make sure you know their clothing regulations. This way you will be prepared for everything.

Clothes for a sunny city trip

Summer dress – shorts Comfortable pair of pants Blouse – dress shirt T-shirts Thin jacket – waist coat Swimwear Sneakers Slippers Dress shoes (extra) underwear (extra) socks

Clothes for a chilly city trip

Jeans Sweater Coat Sneakers Dress shoes Blouse – dress shirt Blazer (extra) underwear (extra) socks



Taking care of your eyes and skin

An item to always have on your packing list are sunglasses. It is not very nice (or picture perfect) having to squint your eyes because of the sun. Therefore always pack some sunglasses. Do you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses? Make sure to always include an extra pair of glasses in case something happens to your glasses or contact lenses.

Make sure to also include sunscreen. Even when you’re not going to spend your day on the beach you will spend a lot of time in the sun simply by walking through the city or sitting on a terrace.

  • Sunglasses
  • An extra pair of glasses/contact lenses
  • Sunscreen

Picture this

Our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves in the last few years. They even made taking a camera on a trip obsolete. Imagine seeing a historic church or a picturesque street and  your battery being empty. Therefore don’t forget your charger, a power bank and a travel adapter. Talking about beautiful pictures… it is of course a lot nicer to have pictures together. When you bring a tripod for your smartphone you can place your phone anywhere for that picture together.

  • Charger
  • Power bank
  • Travel adapter
  • Tripod

Hidden gems

One of the reasons to go on a city trip is to discover new places. The fun starts at home by checking Lonely Planet and marking places to visit. You might reach your destination and find that the place you wanted to visit is no longer there. Therefore take your travel guide with you to pick an alternative. Did you know you can also get them as a e-book? Just download it on your phone. This will also give you extra space in your suitcase. Or take your advice from the locals and bookmark The Innsider. In the staycation articles you’ll read all about the best places to visit during a city trip.

  • Travel guide

Let me entertain you

Are you familiar with the tip to take a deck of cards with you? It is a great way of meeting new people. A lot of new friendships started in the hotel bar playing a game of cards.

  • Deck of cards

So far our ultimate packing list for a city trip. Are you going to a hotel? Then you can leave your towels, bedding and personal care items at home. They will be in your room. Also read our other city trip articles to discover the best cities and activities.

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