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Tips for a beach wedding

Are you planning a romantic beach wedding? Of course, you want your special day to be perfect. On the head of the Northern Pier lays Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach. The sublime view over the Northsea makes an unforgettable impression on your guests. Our tips for a beach wedding will give your day something extra. Wedding favours with a personal touch and the decorations all contribute to loving memories of the wedding.

The décor

Saying “I do” underneath a beautiful arch with the sea in the background. Can you picture this special moment? Be prepared and make sure your arch is firmly planted in the sand. For a unique and sustainable arch use driftwood. Decorate it with items matching your theme and colour for your picture-perfect moment.

Walking down the aisle

All eyes are on you when you’re walking towards the love of your life. Create an aisle with items such as seashells, torches, lanterns and driftwood. Do you want a “red carpet”? Use pegs to ensure it remains in place.

Your perfect day

You’ve carefully selected the date for your big day well in advance. The weather, however, is not up to you to choose. While planning makes sure to be prepared for several scenario’s.


Are you getting married on a sunny summer day? Make sure you and your guests are protected from the sun. Parasols, sunscreen and sunglasses will have to be at the ready.

A rainy day

When you’re getting married in The Netherlands there’s a chance it might rain. An alternative covered location is your plan-b.

Wind and other beachgoers

Everyone will want to hear your vows. Wind and other beachgoers might make it hard for everyone to hear from you. Hire an experienced professional to set up a sound system so everyone will hear each word you’re saying. The Meetings & Events team at Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach has several partners in the area. They can advise you on the right choices.

The location(s)

After a beautiful ceremony, it is, of course, time for the reception and party. Within walking distance of the hotel, there are stylish beach clubs for a fabulous party. Afterwards, guests can spend the night in the hotel. The next day, there will be plenty of time to chat about the wonderful day. For this occasion, your loved ones are welcome in the restaurant Willem I for a toast to love.

The finishing touches

Small details can leave a big impression. Are traditional corsages not your cup of tea? Give them a twist by using shells or sea stars instead of flowers. Besides fond memories what will your guests take with them after the wedding? A personal wedding favour will give them a memory they can touch. Some tips from us:

  • Personalised flip-flops with your names and the wedding date
  • Brushes to brush the sand from their feet
  • Re-usable water bottles
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach towels

Entertain your guests

You want your guests to be entertained while you’re making your romantic beach pictures. That is very easy on the beach. Have them playing games by providing inflatable balls and rackets. Or entertain all your guests with a mocktail workshop. This way they will also have a delicious drink.

A romantic wellness suite by the beach

You will want to enjoy the beach and the sea as long as you can. Therefore choose an overnight stay at a hotel by the beach. The perfect room for the happy couple is the Wellness Suite at Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach. Here you can relax in a bubble bath with a view after your special day.

Want more inspiration for your beach wedding? Pay a visit to Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach and experience the Scheveningen beach like never before. Beach plays a prominent part in the design of this eye-catcher of the coastline.



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