It is the perfect time to sit and watch a movie from the comforts of your own home. That is why we created the top 5 movies about hotels for your viewing pleasure. You will find movies for everyone, movies that will make you laugh, a movie for the whole family, a movie based on true events and a thriller.

1.     The Best Exotic Marigold hotel (comedy, 2011)

Living in a luxurious hotel after retirement. A dream for a lot of people. In The Best Exotic Marigold hotel a group of retirees decides to move to a hotel in India. Upon arrival the once posh hotel is in the midst of incomplete renovations due to a conflict with the contractor. There is water.. at times. And electricity… at times. So not a lot of luxuries for these retirees, but surprising life lessons, peace and love.
Parts are played by famous actors such as Judi Dench (James Bond), Maggie Smith (Harry Potter, Downtown Abbey) and Bill Nighy (Love Actually). The best thing? There is a sequel as well!

2.     The Grand Budapest hotel (comedy, 2014)

The Grand Budapest hotel is about a famous European hotel as recalled by the lobby boy. He and the concierge share in exciting adventures. The theft of a famous painting,  being framed for the mysterious murder of a wealthy dowager, a desperate pursuit on motorbike’s, in trains and on ski’s and a blossoming love.
A lot of famous actors play a part in this movie like Ralph Fiennes (The English Patient, Harry Potter) and Jude Law (Sherlock Holmes, The Talented mr. Ripley)

3.     Hotel Transylvania (family, 2012)

Hotel Transylvania is a animated movie for the entire family. It will give you a different perspective on famous monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein. Hotel Transylvania is a hotel for monsters owned by Dracula. He will do everything to protect his daughter from humans. When a human stumbles upon the hotel he tries his best to make everyone think it is a monster. It is such a popular movie that there are 2 sequels and a fourth movie will be released at the end of the year.

4.     Hotel Mumbai (action,  2018)

Hotel Mumbai is a very gripping movie. The inspiration for this action thriller came from the terrorist attacks on Mumbai in November 2008. Follow heroic staff members as they do everything to protect their guests from harm. Hundreds of people are trapped in the hotel for 68 hours. They fight for their life when the special forces are to far away. Local police try to intercede. Even during these terrible circumstances the hotel staff puts the safety of their guests first.

5.     Bad Times at the El Royale (thriller, 2018)

Bad Times at the El Royale is a movie with a bit of a Quentin Tarrantino vibe, although he has nothing to do with the movie. It is an action thriller about a hotel where a lot of bad things happen in just one night. Seven strangers, each with their own terrible secret, meet at El Royale. The shabby hotel in Lake Tahoe has a dark history. During one fateful night all of them will get a last chance at redemption before all hell breaks loose.
It is another star-studded movie with famous actors like Jeff Bridges(The Big Lebowski, True Grit), Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers) and Dakota Johnson(Fifty shades of Grey).

So far our top 5 movies about hotels. We want to wish you a lot of viewing pleasure and look forward to welcoming you for a more relaxing hotel visit.

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