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Top 6 best beach activities

Braving the waves of the sea or feel the sand between your toes while becoming a master of the wind is only possible on the beach. The coastline is a host to numerous activities such as surfing, beach strolls and kiting all year long. It is a destination for everyone whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, romance or just a clear head. Read on and discover the top 6 best beach activities.

1.      Surfing

Feel the adrenaline rush and brave the waves of the North Sea on a surf board. When you’re surfing you use all your muscles. Your body also produces adrenaline, endorphins and dopamine. After a session you’re guaranteed to feel good. Sign us up!

The best place for year round surfing is Scheveningen. That is why you’ll find several surf schools in the vicinity of Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach. Rent a board or take some lessons and experience the surf vibe. !Caution! Surfing can be addictive. Before you know it you caught the surf bug and you will constantly long for the sea.

2.      Flying a kite

You’re sure to see a kite up in the air when you go to the beach. There are people who can even let a kite perform tricks. Have you mastered the art of flying a kite and are you a bit of a daredevil? Try kitesurfing and let the power of the wind propel you forwards. With kitesurfing you attach a buggy or board to your power kite and the wind will have you speed up on land or water.

3.      Beach volley

Are you going to the beach with a group of people? Play some beach volley. Take off your shoes and experience the sand between your toes. Will you dunk the ball over the net or pass it to a team mate? Whether you’re playing a friendly game or a fierce match and whether you’re a beginner or expert you are sure to talk about the game the rest of the day.

4.      Building sandcastles

You can often find the most impressive sand sculptures on the beach of Scheveningen. Sand castles, villages and even mermaids made from sand make a regular appearance. In 2018 the World Championship Sand Sculpting was even held here. Get inspired by the environment and create your own masterpiece. Are you with a group? Divide yourselves and see who can build the highest structure.

5.      Beachcombing

You never know what you will find on the beach, a Spanish coin from a shipwreck, a message in a bottle from an exotic destination or even the fossil of an as yet unknown species. Take a stroll by the coast to find your treasure. Want to help the environment while you walk? Get a “juttas” at one of the participants and help to clean up the beach. If you’re lucky you will also receive a free drink in return for a full bag.

6.      Fishing

In Scheveningen you can fish all year round from a boat or from the beach without a permit. The fish are happy to bite ensuring you will not go home empty handed. The fishes that are most prominent in these waters are Mackerel, Whiting Silver hake, Plaice, Cod, Eel, Trout, Dab, Sole and a Dutch favourite… Herring.

Want to recharge in a room with a view of the sea after a beach activity? You can get your dose of Vitamin Sea at Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach starting March 2021.



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