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In 2021 Inntel Hotels will open the group’s first beach hotel. This is where you will get to enjoy sun, sea and beach. We’re happy to give you a behind the scenes look at the construction of a hotel. From the concept development to the grand opening of Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach in 2021. Read on and discover the origin of the name of our restaurant and more.

It’s official our restaurant is called…

Our restaurant will be called… Bar & Brasserie Willem I. After the first Dutch king. He had a special connection with Scheveningen. It is from this place that he left The Netherlands with his father stadtholder Willem V on the 18th of January 1795. It is also in Scheveningen that he sets foot on Dutch soil after 18 long years. After the French occupation by Napoleon ended he left London on the ship “The Warrior”. For days his people are awaiting his arrival on the beach of Scheveningen. Finally he arrives on the 30th of November 1813.


Of course a portrait of King Willem I can’t be missing in the Bar & Brasserie. His historic arrival in Scheveningen has been processed in the modern interior that has a real beach vibe. Take a peek at the ceiling which is inspired by the sea and are those lights coming out of surfboards?

Walk-through of the hotel rooms

After a long walk on the beach you will want to relax in your hotel room. During our walk-through of the hotel rooms we experienced the peace and quiet of the rooms. From the panoramic windows in the rooms we saw huge waves rolling towards us. We couldn’t hear the wind however.

The rooms at Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach

Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach different room types all have their own theme which is inspired by the beach and the harbours of Scheveningen. The Hague is an ultimate destination for sailors with events such as the world championships and the Ocean Race. These water-based events are the inspiration for the design of the Spa Room. While in other room types you get to discover the colourful fish or many sports you can find in Scheveningen.

Get into the Spa Flow

On the top floor of Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach we’re building Spa Flow. The infinity pool was recently installed. With its magnificent sea view it will be like you are swimming into the horizon. You will also be able to enjoy this view in the panorama sauna. Spa Flow also has a Turkish steam bath, relaxation room and outside terrace. You can also add to the wellness experience with various beauty treatments and massages.

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