Valentine’s Day, the day of love. Gifting chocolate, poems, gifts, red roses… all examples of beloved Valentine’s Day gifts in the Netherlands. Old loves, new loves, impossible loves, secret loves, and special friendships get attention on February 14. Around the world, they celebrate Valentine’s Day a little differently. We have highlighted some traditions from other countries for you. Create your own traditions? Inntel Hotels has various packages to surprise your loved one.


On the 24th of February, the whole of Romania will be free for the celebration of Dragobete. On this day boys and girls will give snowflakes or flowers to the person their courting. It also signifies the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Hence the snowflakes and flowers. Another tradition on this day is stepping over your partner’s foot. This will show who will be the dominant person in the relationship.


In Taiwan they have two days on which they celebrate love. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on both the 14th of February and the 7th of July.  Just like they do here many Taiwanese men choose to give roses. However, according to Taiwanese tradition,  the color and number of roses you give mean something. For example, a red rose means “my only love”, eleven roses mean “my favourite”, 99 roses mean “forever” and 108 roses mean “marry me”.

South Korea

On the 14th of February in South Korea it’s the women that surprise their men. They spoil them with chocolates and wait for about 4 weeks to receive a gift in return. The men choose sweets above chocolates for their lovers. Singles who have not received anything have a separate day on which they eat black noodles and other black food items. Talk about wallowing in self-pity.


Scottish singles don’t have to eat black noodles on this day. Instead, they will go on a date. All sorts of festivals are organized where bachelors grab a note with a name from a large pot and are then linked to a Valentine’s day date.

Inntel Hotels

That’s Valentine’s Day around the world. How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Drinking champagne in the whirlpool with a view over the Maas? Or a tour through Rotterdam ending with a 4-course dinner? A romantic cruise through the Amsterdam canals? Enjoying art in the city of Eindhoven? A mesmerizing view over Utrecht from the Infinity pool? Or looking for the authenticity of Zaandam? At Inntel Hotels we have various specials to spoil your Valentine with. View the packages of all our hotels here.

You’ll be surprised.