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What is a wellness hotel?

Spa and wellness have a long history. In this article, we will illustrate what a wellness hotel is and how Inntel Hotels made wellness hotels its core concept. Traditionally the definition of wellness is the aspiration of a healthy body and mind. A hotel’s purpose is that of providing rooms and a bed for travellers. Over time the preferences of travellers have changed…

Wellness Hotels over time

Wellness and hotels used to be two very separate things. Within many different cultures, the definition of ‘wellness’ has existed for ages. The meaning of wellness combined with tourism is described in the article ‘Wellness Tourism’. Through the years the need for relaxation grew within the hotel industry. A comfortable bed in which you wake up well-rested just wasn’t enough anymore. By combining bathhouses and ho(s)tels the hospitality industry created an answer for the traveller’s needs.

The target group

What is a wellness hotel for hotel guests? From business travellers to holiday-enjoying tourists the goal is the same, relaxation for body and mind. However, why they need to relax differs. Many business travellers experience tension and stress, mostly during their journey up until they finish their business. After a long and intensive workday, it’s nice to clear the mind in a sauna, swimming pool or gym. Tourists visit a city to discover the region, visit museums and shop until they’ve reached their credit card limits. This requires ultimate relaxation as well.

Because of the energy-consuming activities of the two different target groups the need rose for more wellness facilities in hotels. To fulfil this need wellness hotels were developed.

Wellness hotels by Inntel Hotels

Inntel Hotels and Mainport by Inntel Hotels have combined the demand for overnight stays and wellness. In all of our hotels, you can find inner peace at the wellness clubs. Step into the Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath or blow of steam in the Life Fitness gym.

In Rotterdam, Zaandam and Utrecht the hotels also have a swimming pool. Perfect for a cool-down moment or to swim some laps. Inntel Hotels has also created wellness hotel rooms. Now you can relax in your hotel room with your own whirlpool and private sauna. For ultimate relaxation, Inntel Hotels also offers suites with a whirlpool and private sauna. Relaxation guaranteed!

It doesn’t stop with the facilities. At Inntel Hotels you can also pamper yourself with various treatments. Check the spa and massage treatments on offer at your hotel. From facials to deep tissue massages. The possibilities are endless at the Inntel Hotels wellness hotels.

Take a look at our website for more about wellness in our hotels!

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