What is it that makes a hotel bed look so luxurious and inviting to jump onto? We are going to answer that question for you and share our top 5 tricks to create that hotel atmosphere at home. A hotel bed feels luxurious, is a design feature in the bedroom and of course has one purpose – for you to get a good night’s rest.

Lots of pillows

When it comes to pillows, luxury and ‘a bit more’ go hand in hand. In all our hotel rooms you will find four pillows on the bed. The back row consists of extra-large cushions that cover the entire width of the bed. Would you like to remake this pillow-heaven at home, then choose two sizes of nice and fluffy pillows. The first two cushions can be approximately 90 cm wide, the ones in front perhaps a bit smaller. Besides the fact that this will look very inviting, it’s also very comfortable when reading a book.


A hotel bed is always made nice and tight and almost looks as if it is brand new. For everybody that doesn’t like to iron or forgot where you placed the iron, we have the perfect advice. Make up your bed when the bed linen is still a little bit damp. Pull the sheets in tight and you can remove most of the wrinkles with your hands.

Hotels often use white bed linen. This looks clean and fresh. It also allows other elements in the room to really stand out, such as night cabinets and decorations. When it comes to materials there are lots of options. A cotton-satin mix is airy and has a subtle shine and perkal cotton has that crisp that people love. For a true sense of luxury you can choose Egyptian cotton (thread count minimum of 300). What’s more, after doing the laundry you’ll notice these materials hardly wrinkle.

Furniture and styling

The furniture and styling of the room creates the finishing touch when designing a hotel bedroom. A large bed head, matching bedside tables and lamps. As you might have noticed symmetry in the room provides a calm and stylish atmosphere.

When switching off the light it’s best if you can stay in bed. Is the light switch not near the bed? Then add a switch to your socket that you can handle with a remote or use lights that are connected to an app on your phone.

Want to get even more of a hotel feeling at home? Read our article about a hotel feeling at home!

Size matters

Are you going to purchase a new bed and is it possible to ‘scale up’. Then do so! One of the secrets behind hotel beds is that they are large. A single bed is usually a 1.40m bed and a double is a generous king-size bed.

Hotel luxury at home

What is the first thing you do when entering a hotel room? You might be among the many to sit on the bed and lie down for a while. It is now possible to experience 5-star luxury at home thanks to the Mainport signature bed. This hotel bed is developed by Douxe Hotel Luxury especially for Mainport by Inntel Hotels. It consists of a boxspring, mattress, top mattress, feather bed, duvet, pillows and luxurious linen. Please visit the website for more information.

So why is it important to have a good night’s rest?

Sleeping well and feeling rested has several benefits. Just to name a few:
> You feel concentrated and are able to focus
> It a moment both your body and mind to recover
> It helps your immune system
> Its nicer when you look in the mirror. You will look fresh and healthy!
> It makes us positive and more resilient. Who hasn’t been agitated when being tired?

There was our advice to create your own hotel bed at home. We hope to inspire you to make your home extra comfy during these days!

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