World Coffee Day

What type of coffee do you prefer? Nowadays there are many different possible answers. There are so many different coffee varieties and specialties, from the famous espresso to a sweet affogato. Whether it is morning, noon or night: there’s always a coffee to your taste. Every year on October first it’s all about coffee because then it’s World Coffee Day!


Coffee variations

A lungo, cortado or flat white, what kind of coffee do you prefer? Coffee flavours vary from strong, sweet tot mild and creamy.

A wake me up cup
Coffee can really kickstart your day. These varieties will help you wake up:
– Doppio: Is one shot of espresso not enough? Then order a doppio also known as a double espresso.
– Lungo: With a Lungo, Itaian for tall coffee, they use more water and the coffee is made more slowly. This gives more bitter tones to the rich flavour.

Nice and sweet
A lot of coffee variations nowadays can pass as a dessert. Our recommendations for those with a sweet tooth:
– Decorated latte macchiato; Latte macchiatio is served in a tall glass. They start off with milk foam and pour in espresso for the classic layered look. The toppings are what give this coffee it’s sweet flavour. You can add caramel, chocolate or cinnamon sugar for example.
– Affogato: Is it coffee or dessert? With an affogato double espresso is poured over vanilla ice-cream. This surprising combination between hot and cold is a treat!

Coffee and milk
A caffé latte, cappuccino or a flat white. They are all coffee with milk, but they are different.
– Cappuccino: A cappuccino might be the most famous coffee and milk specialty. This coffee is prepared with 1 espresso and frothed milk.
– Flat white: When a cappuccino isn’t strong enough for you the flat white is the answer. It consists of 2 shot of espresso with milk that has been slightly less frothed.
– Caffé latte: A latte is more or less a flat white with more milk.

10 coffee tidbits

1. Drinking coffee is good for you. Research shows that 2 to 4 cups a day has several advantages including a higher fat burn rate.
2. Coffee contains more aromas than wine.
3. They call it coffee beans, but it’s actually the seeds of the coffee berry.
4. Green coffee beans are also processed, these are berries that are not ripe yet.
5. The amount of caffeine in your coffee is not related to its intensity. Espresso contains less caffeine than filter coffee.
6. The bitterness of the coffee bean is determined by how long it has been roasted.
7. Do you want to really taste your coffee? Drink a cup of water first to cleanse your pallet.
8. Over 2 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day worldwide.
9. The Dutch drink an average of 150 liters of coffee per annum.
10. Decaf is not without caffeine completely. One cup contains approximately 2 milligrams of caffeine which is about the same as a glass of chocolate milk.

Coffee hotspots

Each city has many different coffee hotspots, not to be confused with “coffeeshops”. The best places for a cup of Joe? Our front desk employees are local experts and are happy to tell you!

What type of coffee are you going to drink on World Coffee Day?

You’ll be surprised!