Best ice-cream shops

In our Innsider article with tips on how to keep cool during a city trip, we tipped the ice-cream walk. We collected the best ice-cream shops in our cities for you. So now you can actually go for the walk when you’re visiting our hotel(s). We wish you lots of fun on the walk!


If you ask a local (even the ones that don’t like going to the centre) what the best Ice-cream shop in Amsterdam is. They will tell you it’s Banketbakkerij Van der Linde. They have one type of ice-cream, but it’s world-famous. You will find Van der Linde on Nieuwendijk 183 in between

But a warning in advance: You probably will need to queue.

The next stop will be in the Red Light District. Metropolitan is based on Warmoestraat 135-A. Homemade ice-cream in many different flavours. They have a Yelp rating of 4,5 star!

Another must visit the area in Amsterdam is the Jordaan. Luckily enough there’s also a really good ice-cream shop there, Monte Pelmo. It will probably be quite difficult to choose from. They have so many different flavours. We once even saw pear-blue cheese ice-cream here. You will find Monte Pelmo on 2e Anjeliersdwarsstraat 17.

You will find a lot of Ice-Bakery shops in Amsterdam so you don’t need to walk very far for ice cream, but if you ask us these are some of the best ice-cream shops in Amsterdam.


De Ijssalon is an ice-cream shop where you can start or finish your walk. They have 3 locations in walking distance from our hotels. Their primary shop is on Meent, but you can also go to the Markthal. Which is a place you must visit when going to Rotterdam. They’ve won many awards so its quite possible you have to queue.

After De IJssalon you can discover a new favourite: Baker’s Dough. On the Pannenkoekstraat you can create your own cookie dough/ice-cream creation or you can order one of the specials. Warning this might taste so good that you might take a whole pint of cookie dough home.

For ice cream according to traditional Italian recipe, walk further to the Oude Binnenweg. Here you will find Venezia IJssalon where fifth-generation ice maker Giovanni is in charge.

Ever since opening in 1957 Capri ijssalon has been renowned in Rotterdam and surrounding area. People come from far and wide to get ice cream on the Karel Doormanstraat. The perfect last stop for our walk.


When you’re strolling through Utrecht centre you can hardly miss it, Venezia. You will find this ice-cream truck on Oudegracht and with sunny days there’s always a line of people waiting.

IJssalon Il Mulino on Adelaarstraat 2C is known for its variety of flavours and the big scoops. With a score of 4 stars definitely one of the best ice-cream shops. And located just 1 km from the Domtoren.

A place with something for everyone is Lorenzo Ijssalon. Their ice cream is free of additives and they even have sugar free and gluten free ice-cream. You will find these delicious ice-creams at Rijnlaan 29.

You can finish this walk on the Oudegracht at Pistacchio. Every day they have 16 different flavours for you to choose from.


We start our ice cream walk at a short distance of 600 meters from Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam. Goemans IJscafe on Westzijde 18 is considered by many as the best ice-cream shop in Zaandam.

For a real Italian Gelato we continue to De IJsboetiek on Zuiddijk 91. Will you go for ice-cream or sorbet based gelato? They have both!

The last stop on our walk is ’t Zaanse huisje on the Gedempte gracht. They serve ice-cream from Goemans so if you didn’t try all the flavours you wanted, you get a second chance. But they also serve frozen yoghurt with your own choice of toppings.

We hope you make many sweet memories this summer with our best ice-cream shops walks. Which of our walks will you try?

You’ll be surprised!