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Top 8 reasons why rest is important

Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you moody? Rest can be your cure. We all know that it is important to rest. Still a lot of us will not take the time to rest. We will gladly remind you to rest with our top 8 reasons why rest is important.

1.      You will sleep better

Rest and sleep are actually not the same. If you take the time to rest you will notice that you will also sleep better. You will sleep through the night. Most likely you will also not have to count as many sheep before falling asleep.

2.      It will make you a happier person

When you’re stressed you will be distracted and it might make you quite grumpy. If you take the time to rest it will give you a sunnier disposition.

3.      Rest helps you recover

Every athlete knows that the days on which you rest are just as important as the days on which you train. When you work out you damage your muscles. When you rest they recover and grow stronger. The same goes for you as a person. By resting you will recover and grow stronger.

4.      It will help your creativity

When you take a moment to yourself and rest it is not unusual for fresh ideas to pop into your mind. By not thinking about a certain project or problem a solution can be found, because all of the sudden you’re thinking out-of-the-box.

5.      You will have more energy

When you take the time to rest your energy level will rise. If you just go on and on you will use it up and unfortunately it does not come in a limitless supply. By resting you will be supplying your energy source with new energy.

6.      Resting is important for your brain

Are you familiar with those moments when you just can’t find the right word for something? This sometimes happens when you haven’t rested enough. It can make you forgetful, but it also has its physical effects like headaches and heart palpitations.

7.      Rest is important for your body

When you experience a lot of stress this often results in physical ailments. A lot of people experience backaches when they don’t rest enough. A massage is a temporary fix. By resting the pain will stay away for a longer time.

8.      It will make your holiday more fun

But isn’t a holiday already a lot of fun? A lot of people actually get sick during their holiday. Leisure sickness, as this is called, happens to people that do not rest until their holiday. If you take your rest all throughout the year you’re less likely to get this leisure sickness.

The best place to relax

In a wellness room you can relax and recharge. The best wellness rooms are equipped with comfortable beds and private wellness facilities, such as a whirlpool and/or sauna. After a moment of relaxation in the warmth of the sauna or whirlpool your quality of sleep will improve immensily.

To help you rest Inntel Hotels created the Rest & Relax special. It includes an overnight stay in a luxurious room with private wellness facilities, extensive breakfast and a late check-out.

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