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World Port Days

Even when you’re not from Rotterdam, you will immediately notice Rotterdam’s association with its maritime aspects. There are old ports like Leuvehaven, which is connected to the river Maas which runs straight through Rotterdam, the Maritime Museum and so much more. Port and city are connected annually during the World Port Days.

In the city

In Rotterdam’s city centre many activities will be organised. Everyone gets excited and involved during the World Port Days. Entrepreneurs in both hospitality and retail join with promotions and (port) businesses get involved by offering visitors unique tours behind the scenes.  Ten sea containers will be placed around Rotterdam. They will contain (fun) information regarding the shipping industry. You will also find two huge anchors in the city, so you can take fun pictures with them and share these on social media.

The port and waters

The activities are normally performed in the industrial port areas or open seas. It’s quite a spectacle as these activities are displayed for the public at the ‘Nieuwe Maas’, the city centre and the old ports of Rotterdam. At the ‘Rijnhaven’ a lot of water sport activities and competitions will be organised. You’ll find no other day in which you can experience the port’s activities from this close up.

Ending Saturday with a bang!

The World Port Days will continue on Sunday, however, Saturday night will be filled with music, boat shows and breathtaking fireworks. The evening show is the largest dance party of Rotterdam for the young and the old. The theme is ‘Come Dance With Us’.

Take a look on the website of the World Port Days for more information! And if you’re staying for more than one night, read the 48 hours in… Rotterdam article.

You’ll be surprised!