Utrecht Centraal Station

10 most photogenic spots of Utrecht!

Utrecht is one of the most photogenic cities in the Netherlands because of the large amount of photo locations. Take a beautiful picture at the Dom Tower or go to the modern Hoog Catherijne. Don’t forget to check out the hidden places for a unique shot. Where will you take the most beautiful photos in Utrecht? In this article, you will read about the 10 most photogenic places of Utrecht.

Utrecht city centre

The Water Tower

Looking for a beautiful view over the city centre of Utrecht? Then be sure to visit the Water Tower. This unique building with a restaurant inside is the historical landmark of Utrecht. The restaurant is spread over several floors with panoramic views. Together with the modern interior this is the perfect place to take pictures.


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Metal Cathedral

Discover the historical elements of the Metaal Kathedraal (Metal Cathedral) and be sure to capture it on camera. There are several marks of history to be found. The building was originally a Roman Catholic church and was then used as a metal factory in 1977. In 2011, the building was renamed the Metaal Kathedraal in Dutch, that refers to its origin. Currently, it is an ecological cultural centre and is definitely worth taking a look at.


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The Dom Tower

One thing that definitely can not be missed in the list of 10 most photogenic spots of Utrecht is the well-known Dom Tower. This 112-metre high church tower is the highest in the Netherlands. The iconic building is not only beautiful from the outside, but also the inside has its characteristics. Climb the 700-year-old stairs of the Dom Tower and enjoy the fantastic view of Utrecht.


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De Oude Gracht

Just like Amsterdam, Utrecht has beautiful canals throughout the city. Take a lovely walk around the city and stop by the bridges to take a beautiful photo overlooking De Oude Gracht. When it begins to get dark, the canal really comes to life, so it is highly recommended to pick the right moment.


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Utrecht Lumen

Take an evening walk through the lively city of Utrecht and discover the special illuminated objects. In the old city centre, you can find several places that are lit with colourful light. For example, ‘t Tunneltje on the Ganzenmarkt is a special place that offers you a unique experience. Every step you take brings a different colour. Or drop by the world-famous Miffy museum. Miffy will be projected on the building to say goodnight.


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Het Spoorwegmuseum

Be enchanted by the fairytale-like Railway Museum. Experience the nineteenth century and go on a journey with the first steam locomotive. Admire the development of the trains and be sure to take a picture. The Railway Museum is not only very interesting, but also good for the perfect picture. Get carried away in this time and make a memory of it.


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Modern Utrecht

Moreelsebrug crossing Utrecht Central Station & Hoog Catherijne

The Moreelsebrug is suitable for pedestrians and cyclists who want to cross the railway tracks of Utrecht Central Station. The 295 meter long bridge offers a fantastic view over Utrecht’s railway network. Take a beautiful picture here when a moving train passes by or shoot the perfect photo at sunset. From Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre the bridge is easy to reach, so don’t hesitate to take a picture here after a lovely city walk. The Moreelsebrug also has a good connection with Hoog Catherijne. Hoog Catherijne is the modern shopping centre of Utrecht, so you can take a good photo there as well.


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Nature in the city

Botanic Gardens

The botanical gardens are located on the edge of the Utrecht Science Park. Here you can listen to the whistling birds, splashing water and buzzing insects. The gardens are home to thousands of plants with beautiful flowers that come from all over the world. The colourful gardens are perfect for a nature photo in the middle of the city. Climb the stairs of the rock garden for a stunning view over the whole garden or descend to the magical waterfall. Can you find the unique spot in this botanical garden?

Instagrammable restaurants of Utrecht

The Streetfood Club

This hotspot should certainly not be missed. The Streetfood Club has designed its entire interior in such a way that no two rooms are the same. Take a unique photo in the pink room, which is decorated with flamingos and pink furniture, or choose one of the other special rooms. Besides its beautiful location, the Asian- and South American dishes are also Instagram-worthy. The Streetfood Club is open for brunch and dinner. Pick a great spot and take a photo for social media.

De Rum Club

Visit the Rum Club for a colourful atmosphere. This fun restaurant/bar is located on De Oude Gracht. Get into the tropical mood by enjoying the exotic interior and be surprised by the powerful flavours of the instagrammable dishes. Find yourself in another world and be sure to capture it on camera. Who will take the most tropical picture?


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Start planning your city trip to Utrecht and don’t miss a single photo spot.

You’ll be surprised!