10 must-haves for traveling

The summer holiday is almost here! It’s a good idea to start thinking about which items to bring on your trip. Below you will find a list of 10 handy must-haves to ensure that you don’t forget anything and can go on vacation with peace of mind.


1. Invest in a good suitcase

A good suitcase is essential when traveling. A weekend bag is not always practical, so it is recommended to choose a four-wheeled suitcase with a 360-degree rotation direction. This way, you can easily move your luggage around. Roll with those wheels! Are you going on a city trip? Check out the ultimate packing list for a city trip.

2. Small backpack or bag

A small backpack or bag is handy for carrying your important items, such as your phone, wallet, and sunglasses. You can take this bag with you everywhere during your vacation, for example to the beach, the city, or other outings.

3. Water bottle

It’s useful to have a water bottle on hand during your vacation. It’s important to stay hydrated after all. Plus, you’re being environmentally conscious too! You won’t have to buy and dispose of plastic bottles anymore. So throw that water bottle in your suitcase and enjoy a vacation free of dehydration.

 4. Research your destination

It is fun to do research on your holiday destination before your trip. This way, you can look forward to fun activities and delicious restaurants. Good preparation ensures a carefree vacation.

5. Travel towel

When you’re traveling, taking a regular towel can be cumbersome and take up space. Fortunately, the microfiber towel exists. This towel is perfect for travel. It’s lightweight, takes up little space, and can easily be taken to the beach, a picnic in the park, or to the gym.

6. Laundry bag

A laundry bag is handy for keeping your clean clothes separate from the dirty laundry. This prevents your luggage from getting an unpleasant odours and makes it easy to do your laundry when you return from vacation.

7. Download travel apps

Nowadays, no paper maps are used anymore. Everything is now available on your smartphone. There are many travel apps that tell you which places to visit, or not. These apps help you plan your dream trip, such as finding fun hotspots, restaurants, and beautiful hotels.

 8. Smartphone with good camera

How fun is it to take beautiful photos on vacation for your social media? Moreover, you can view all the beautiful photos later to recall your memories or even stick them in a photo album. Many smartphones now have a high-quality camera, which even competes with professional cameras. It is also handy to bring a power bank for your phone, so your battery is never empty.

9. Relax with reading, listening, and watching

There is nothing better than relaxing during a well-deserved vacation. Relaxing during a vacation is best done by bringing your favorite book, magazine, and/or e-reader, listening to exciting thrillers or interesting podcasts, and enjoying relaxed evenings with your favorite movies and series. Don’t forget to bring or download these entertainment options so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

 10. Book your hotel in advance

It is nice to have everything arranged before you actually go on vacation, such as your accommodation(s). When you have had a busy day, it is nice to relax in a comfortable hotel. Inntel Hotels offers beautiful wellness rooms to enjoy your vacation even more. Are you curious about the best wellness rooms at Inntel Hotels? Read about it in The Innsider article.


You’ll be surprised.