10 tips meetings Inntel Hotels

10 tips for a succesful meeting

It can be difficult sometimes to organise a meeting and surely you want to provide the best possible guest experience. Our locations are suitable for both small-scale and large-scale events. The possibilities are endless. In collaboration with our Meetings & Events (M&E) professionals, who have years of experience, we have compiled 10 tips for organising an effective meeting.

1) Ask yourself questions

A meeting needs to be well thought through. Therefore, it is important to start on time and to question yourself: “What kind of meeting would we like to organise and what message we want to convey?’’ If you are organizing a meeting for the second time, look back to your experience in the pros and cons.

2) Choose your theme and location

Each Inntel Hotels location has its own theme and appearance. Choose the venue that suits you and your meeting, not only by scope but also by theme and appearance. Make an appointment for a hotel tour to get an impression of the location and come to new ideas with your contact person.

3) Tight schedule

Make clear appointments, build a relationship with your contact person and always work with an agenda and/or script so you will know that you are on the same page to boost your meeting. Everything needs to be put on paper to avoid miscommunication.

4) Budget

You have to know what your budget is, so the venue can think with you in the same state of mind.

5) Create interaction

Send the participants questions related to the theme in the week before the meeting. By the interaction, you can optimise the sessions and create a buzz among the participants.

6) Think out of the box

A meeting is an emotion. Find an inspirational speaker who will tell stories that will reach the audience. In addition, leave a memorable impression through organising relaxing activities.

7) Sufficient importance to your target audience

Be creative in creating new concepts to keep the concentration and motivation high during the meeting. Besides sending information, interactivity could be refreshing. Provide a personal touch, for example through a quiz, small gifts or a team building activity. Another tip; make a customer journey with different touch points. It requires some time but the target audience will notice you have thought of everything.

8) Catering preferences

Ask your contact person if light healthy snacks can be served that will boost the energy, or for example, book a mind fullness session to clear the mind. Don’t forget to think of allergies and dietary requirements at catering agreements.

9) Business networking

Ensure there is sufficient time for business networking, with a tasty snack and drink during or after the meeting. As a result, the participants will not feel that it is mandatory, but they find it fun to stay for a drink. All Inntel Hotels location provide a cozy contemporary bar where you can connect with your guests.

10) Measuring is knowing

Would you do the same the next time? Ask for feedback from your participants to see if you have achieved all of your goals and which elements can be improved.

You will make the most complete checklist ever with these tips.

You’ll be surprised.