4 Instagrammable hotspots in the Zaan Region

The Zaan region is the ideal setting for a great Instagram post. Whether you choose to delve into its rich history or capture a perfect culinary snapshot of a regional product, let yourself be inspired by the trendiest Instagrammable hotspots.

Hip, creative and culinary

The Hembrug area in Zaandam is the place to be for an amazing blend of trendy hospitality and cultural vibes. Immerse yourself in dining establishments and be surprised by creative art exhibitions in this historic hotspot. From trendy restaurants to inspiring events, the Hembrugterrein is brimming with life. Let yourself be captivated by the industrial atmosphere and discover tasteful culinary delights and cultural events at this location.

Originally established as a weapon factory in 1895, the Hembrug area supplied firearms to the Dutch army. Over the years, it evolved into an industrial center. During the Cold War, it played a crucial role in the military industry. After its closure in 2003, the site underwent a transformation into a creative hub.

Hembrug, 1506 PR Zaandam

The endless creativity on the Hembrug area


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Try one of the local Zaan beers!


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Old Zaandijk

The Lagerdijk in Zaandijk embraces the typical Zaan beauty along the banks of the Zaan river. With characteristic Zaan houses and picturesque shops, this street is the ideal backdrop for a typical Zaan Instagram post.

Enjoy the rustic atmosphere and admire the unique architecture. Discover the history of the Zaan region as you stroll along this idyllic path, where the Lagerdijk represents a timeless connection between past and present.

During your visit, opt for a typical Zaan beer at Brewery Hoop, or tantalize your taste buds with the delicious offerings of the local bakery called Het Zaanse Bakkertje.


Get a sandwich at the Zaanse Bakkertje


Perhaps the nicest place on the Zaan

The Zaanbocht in Wormerveer is unique for its picturesque charm, and the beating heart of the street is the Coffee Shop called the Koffiezaak. This cozy hotspot invites you to relax with friends and enjoy all the delicacies it has to offer. Will you go for a sensible piece of banana bread, or will you treat yourself to a homemade slice of apple pie?

In winter, the Zaanbocht is the atmospheric backdrop for a beautiful December photo. In summer, you’ll experience a typical summery vibe at the Zaanbocht. Enjoy the dozens of boats docking at the Zaanbocht for a snack, drink, or ice cream.


Go for one of the hot drinks , or be surprised by an Iced latte or iced coffees


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A world-famous hotel from Zaandam

There is only one place in the Zaan region that has consistently held the number one spot for years when it comes to the Instagram hotspot. That, of course, is Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam. A unique building where modern architecture and the rich history of Zaandam come together.

Like Nora, discover Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam


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You’ll be surprised