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Gifts & More loyalty program

Inntel Hotels has a special loyalty program for bookers of corporate nights called Gifts & More. With every booking at Inntel Hotels, you will earn points that you can exchange for free overnight stays and luxurious presents. Discover all the surprising benefits of the Gifts & More loyalty program.

What are the benefits of the Gifts & More loyalty program?

  • The Gifts & More shop is filled with luxurious presents and is regularly updated with new products
  • Save for gift vouchers or free overnight stays
  • Profit from the best available rates
  • Exclusive offers for members of Gifts & More

Read further to discover what type of presents we have in our gift shop, how to save points and whether you qualify to become a member.

Business & Travel

The Gifts & More loyalty program suits every booker that frequently books corporate overnight stays. Whether you book for a small or medium-sized company, an OPC or a multinational, you always enjoy the advantages of the Gifts & More loyalty program. With every hotel stay you collect points for the Gifts & More loyalty program. The points will be accumulated in one account, whether you book at Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre.
They can be exchanged for discounts on an overnight stay at every Inntel Hotels location or you can save them up to get the gift you have your heart set on.

The Gifts & More gift shop

In your Gifts & More profile, you will find a handy booking overview, your accumulated points and an extensive gift shop. There are gifts for every type of person like a Moleskine Smart Writing Set for a frequent traveller, a KitchenAid kitchen machine for the (amateur)chef or an Apple watch for the tech-lover. The gift shop gets updated with new products on a regular basis so make sure to check regularly if your favourite products have been added.

How can I become a Gifts & More member?

Register through the Gifts & More link or with your contact person within Inntel Hotels.

As a Gifts & More member, you will save points from the moment that your registration is approved. In the personal account, you will find a helpful overview of your bookings, the corresponding points and the Gifts & More gifts and gift vouchers.


Do you regularly sleep in an Inntel Hotels hotel yourself? We also have a loyalty program for guests of Inntel Hotels. Discover the benefits of Dreams & More. Register today and start saving for unique experiences in the hotel.

Corporate guests

We understand that you need to consider many factors when booking a hotel room.
The choice for a specific hotel often depends on the location and facilities. The hotels by Inntel Hotels all have very central and convenient locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Zaandam. Their central location makes them the perfect base for every traveller whether they travel by public transport or with a car.

An Inntel Hotels guest has found their match when they need a place to relax or a work-out for body and mind. The hotels all have wellness facilities and a Life Fitness gym because we know how important it is to relax after a long workday especially during a business trip.

Every hotel offers quality and a unique experience

The hotels of Inntel Hotels differentiate themselves in quality, experience and ambience. Every hotel is designed and decorated with an eye for detail. Take a unique concept “A modern take on the history of the Zaan region” in Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam. 

At Inntel Hotels we believe in personal attention and quality. We deliver the best service by listening to the wishes of our guests. The business guests appreciate the desk in every room, the free Wi-Fi and the coffee and tea facilities.

Interested in taking a look at the hotels? Visit the hotel websites and book the perfect stay for your guests.


You’ll be surprised.