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Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach

Discover new cities while completely relaxing at the same time – who doesn’t dream of that? Whether you’re exploring all day or seeking a relaxing wellness weekend, starting or ending the day in the pool is always a great idea. We’re delighted to provide you with the finest recommendations for hotels with pools in the Netherlands.


What does swimming do for your body?

Swimming is not only a fantastic way to burn calories, but also has a soothing effect on both body and mind. Swimming helps maintain healthy blood pressure, strengthens your muscles, and enhances lung capacity. And last but not least, swimming even has a positive impact on your sleep pattern. After a dip in the pool, you’ll leave the wellness center completely relaxed and refreshed.

Which hotels with pools are available in the Netherlands?

Looking forward to your next vacation in a hotel with a pool in the Netherlands? Inntel Hotels boasts hotels with pools scattered across the country, including Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, and Zaandam.


Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark is the latest addition to Inntel Hotels. The hotel exudes a rugged character inspired by the industrial history of Oostenburgereiland. In the wellness center, known as Spa Steam, you’ll even find an infinity pool with a view over the modern urban district.

Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach

As you step into Spa Flow, you’ll be greeted by a stunning view of the North Sea. While you lounge in the impressive infinity pool, you can savor the 360-degree view of the Dutch coastal landscape. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the sauna and steam bath for a panoramic view of The Hague’s skyline and harbors.



Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre

The infinity pool at Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre offers a view of Utrecht Central’s tracks. The wellness center, Spa Dôme, focuses on the well-being of the body and mind, allowing you to fully relax amidst the bustle of Utrecht. On sunny days, you can unwind on the outdoor terrace’s loungers after your swim in the pool.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam

Who isn’t familiar with the unique stack of Zaanse houses at Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam? Behind the eye-catching facade lies the Wellness Club, complete with a swimming pool. Enjoy a refreshing swim with colorful windmills in the background.

Wellness at Inntel Hotels

All Inntel Hotels locations are equipped with wellness centers accessible to all hotel guests. These centers offer amenities such as a Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath, and Life Fitness fitness equipment. In many of the hotels, you’ll also find massage rooms and, of course, a pool. Wellness and guest well-being are top priorities at Inntel Hotels, which is why the hotels offer both public wellness areas and private facilities.


Wellness in the Room

Would you like to relax in your hotel room in addition to visiting the wellness center? All luxury room types feature iconic round bubble baths from Inntel Hotels. Some rooms even come with a private sauna. With room service at your fingertips, you can complete your private wellness ritual.


What is a wellness hotel?

In wellness hotels, you’ll experience an oasis of peace and relaxation. A healthy body and mind come together during a stay in a wellness hotel. Thanks to the wellness facilities in the room and a comfortable bed, you’ll wake up feeling completely rejuvenated. It’s the ideal combination if you want to recharge.


We wish everyone visiting one of the pools an unforgettable and relaxing stay!


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