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Meetings & Events at a 1.5 meter distance

With the 1.5 meter distance rule live-communication has been completely redesigned. Keeping the experience and impact of a live meeting while adhering to all the safety concerns? Our Meetings & Events teams are completely prepared. Inntel Hotels is the first hotel group with event locations that received the quality mark for the preventive measures against the spreading of Covid-19 from Safe Health Protocol. During the past period we’ve also worked hard on a creative interpretation for events. Are you organising a meeting or event soon and are you interested in one of our locations? You’re very welcome to come meet us or for a digital tour!


A classy way of creating a distance

One of the most know and a very important rule is the 1.5 meter distance rule. Within Inntel Hotels there are many ways to keep to this distance and to create walking routes going in a single direction. Some examples are room dividers with decorative plants or styles Plexiglas separation walls. These are easily moved and can be used for a variation of room setups.

For a single direction walking route with a classy look use a coloured carpet instead of tape. It is even possible to adjust the disinfection columns to reflect your corporate identity. This way all necessary safety adjustments are put in place while keeping the look and feel of the event intact.

Are you curious which setups are possible in our locations? All capacity has been recalculated according to the 1.5 meter distance rule and the most common setups have been photographed. Our team is happy to supply you with information and images.

Maximum number of people

There are many different solutions to the challenges that come with the 1.5 meter distance rule. For example you could have several short sessions in one day. A short program could be repeated 2 to 4 times in different groups.

Another solution would be to have the same program in multiple rooms at the same time. Where you would usually start with a plenary session in one meeting room, followed by several sub sessions, you start in the break-out locations. The plenary session can be followed in every break-out location through a screen and broadcast.

Hybrid events

Daily (work)life and the event industry have already taken a leap into the digital world. Hybrid events were already possible, but now many of us discovered that they really work. There are many hybrid solutions for events. A live stream can only be visited as a webcast, partly on location and partly online and/or broadcasted in various rooms.

The experience of the digital visitor of your event will be vastly different when your broadcasting from a studio that is specifically decorated for you. You can also choose to decorate a broadcasting location. We work with trusted and values suppliers for technique and styling. We are happy to introduce them to you.


It is still possible to create interaction with your audience through interactive tools. There are many apps for questions & answers, poll or games people can use on their own mobile device. When you use these it doesn’t matter whether you’re at the event location or at home.

Food & Drinks

All beverages and dishes are presented in a way that is adjusted to the current situation. The presentation and types of dishes will be tailor made to your event and personal preferences. For example a lunch buffet consist of a selevtion of healthy grab-and-go products. You could also go for a plated lunch if your event is a bit more sophisticated. We will prepare several small lunch dishes on one plate. The variety of dishes is very extensive with a selection of local specialties that are always available.

A tip for those who participate from home: have a culinary lunch or dinner box delivered to their doorstep. This will complete the experience.


A proper preparation is key. It will ensure that an event goes smoothly. Your guests will also appreciate being well informed in advance. Things will go differently to what their used to. Some preparation points that we can assist you with are:

  1. We can supply you with maps or draw a map together.
  2. We have practical information available for preparations. For example directions, adjusted house rules and hotel information.
  3. We will plan it carefully when we work with suppliers.

Multi-day events

The hotels by Inntel Hotels are perfectly suited to multi-day events. There’s a strong focus on wellness and the well-being of guests within the hotel group. All rooms are equipped with luxury beds enabling guests to be well-rested and full of focus during the event. There are also various room types with private wellness facilities such as a whirlpool and/or sauna. Every room has an excellent Wi-Fi connection and a desk for people who want to get a little extra work done at night.


Within Inntel Hotels safety protocols are evaluated and updated on a daily basis when necessary. This is done on the basis of national, international and industry specific regulation combined with our own knowledge and experience. The well-being of our guests and employees is always our top priority.


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