Monet in Zaandam

Claude Monet vividly visited and drew the Zaanse Schanse. In 2015 the Zaans Museum bought a real Monet painting called The Voorzaan and the Westerhem. A scenery with a typical Dutch grey sky and three mills. This is one out of 25 artworks Monet painted of the Zaan region.

The Zaan area was an important source of inspiration for the French impressionist. He spent four months in Zaandam in 1871, and said: “Zaandam is rather remarkable, there is enough to paint for a lifetime. Houses in all colours, mills in hundreds and delightful boats.” Monet, however, isn’t the only one who knew how to appreciate the scenery of Zaandam; every year the Zaanse Schans welcomes more than 1,5 million visitors.

The Voorzaan and the Westerhem

The Blue House at Zaandam

It might be the most famous painting of Monet’s Dutch collection; The Blue House of Zaandam. The painter himself calculated this to be one of his dearest works. The original blue house in Zaandam still exists and has been painted blue in 2014 after extensive colour research.

Discover scenic Zaandam during a Monet roundabout through the city centre. A guide will navigate you in one and a half to two hours past the various places where Monet made his paintings and the famous blue house.

Ode to Monet

The striking Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam consists of a collection of almost seventy independent Zaanse houses, in four different colours of Zaans green. In the facade, you can distinguish five types of houses, from laborers to notaries. The hotel has a bright blue corner, which refers to the blue house; An oath to Monet. Book a stay here and, like Monet, enchant you through the beautiful Zaanse landscape.