You probably already know that Amsterdam boasts a variety of Instagram-worthy hotspots, but where should you go to shoot the best Instagram photos? To give you a helping hand, we’re sharing the list of our favourite Instagram-worthy places in Amsterdam below.


“Wake me up when I’m famous” – Mural

In one of Amsterdam’s most beloved neighbourhoods, De Pijp, lies an Instagram-worthy spot worth of your attention. Stroll down Frans Halsstraat and discover the mural with the text “Wake me up when I’m Famous.” Also, the house next to the mural boasts a charming shade of pink, making it a great backdrop for your photo. De Pijp is known for its lively atmosphere, full of cozy cafes and restaurants, making it an ideal location to capture local culture.

Address: Frans Halsstraat 64, Amsterdam


Wondr Experience Museum

For those looking for a unique and colourful experience, a visit to the Wondr Experience Museum is a must. This museum features 15 photogenic and interactive spaces where visitors can capture themselves in different settings. The photos taken during this experience are emailed directly to you for immediate use. It’s truly the ideal place to capture stunning Instagram-worthy moments!

Address: Meeuwenlaan 88, Amsterdam


Corner Bakery – Colourful Restaurant

The Corner Bakery should definitely be on your list. Do you love colour? Then you can’t miss this delightful lunch spot. Not only the interior but also everything on the menu is worthy of an Instagram photo. The Corner Bakery has it all.

Address: Johannes Vermeerstraat 40 & Kon. Wilhelminaplein 60-62, Amsterdam


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Hortus Botanicus – Green Oasis in the City

In the midst of the bustling city, Hortus Botanicus offers an oasis of peace and greenery. This botanical garden serves not only as a haven for plant lovers, but also as an excellent backdrop for beautiful photos. The Hortus is open daily and mostly an outdoor location, providing plenty of space to enjoy your visit.

Address: Plantage Middenlaan 2A, Amsterdam


A’dam Look out

This Instagram-worthy spot is perfect for adventurers who are not afraid of heights. Step inside A’dam Lookout and be amazed by the breathtaking view over Amsterdam. Will you dare to try the swing on the 20th floor? Feel the wind through your hair as you hover above the building’s edge for an unforgettable experience.

Address: Overhoeksplein 5, Amsterdam


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Upside Down Amsterdam – social media museum

For an extraordinary experience, visit the Upside Down Amsterdam museum, the largest social media museum in Amsterdam. With over 25 rooms and sets, this museum has created a unique world, making it a must-see for those looking for an Instagram-worthy experience.

Address: Europaboulevard 5, Amsterdam


Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark

Last but not least, Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark. This hotel stands out with its robust character, inspired by the area’s industrial past. It’s the perfect place to capture stunning Instagram-worthy photos. If you want to explore the city, Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark is the place to be. Discover Bar & Brasserie Werkspoor, where you can enjoy delightful dining. Also, you can unwind in Spa Steam, equipped with a range of amenities: a pool, Turkish steam bath, sauna, and massage room.

Address: VOC-kade 600, Amsterdam

Whether you’re searching for artistic murals, colourful museums, or trendy dining spots, Amsterdam offers plenty of Instagram-worthy places to explore and capture. So, grab your phone/camera and immerse yourself in the charm of this beautiful city!

You’ll be surprised!