With over 300 castles and estates, the second biggest nature park and a historic capital there are interesting walking routes for everyone in Utrecht. In this article we will share a few of our favourite trails with you. Longer ones for the more experienced walkers and shorter ones for people who just want to catch some fresh air.

Historic estates

Catch a train from Utrecht Centraal Station to Baarn if you want to escape the city. This route takes you to the woods, estate and a castle. The original route is 9 kilometres, but if your boots are made for walking you can add a bit to the route and go to castle Soestdijk.

Castle de Haar is the biggest castle in The Netherlands. It is a coveted wedding location and a beautiful spot for strolling. This route is 10 kilometres and will take you through the castle grounds and past an orchard.

The Dutch name for this short route can be translated to “magnificence or deliciousness”. Walking route “Heerlijkheid” starts at a carriage house.

Utrechtse heuvelrug

One of the largest nature parks in The Netherlands is “Utrechtse heuvelrug”. It offers different types of terrain with woods, hills and heaths. The hiking possibilities in this area are endless.

In comparison with other countries the Dutch landscape is pretty flat. This route will take you to the highest peak in the Utrechtse heuvelrug, the “Amerongse mountain”. It is called a mountain, but it is more of a hill. You will also come across different types of trees  like pine, oak, beech and birch in the woods of this route.

For those with the spirit of an adventurer we have a 9 kilometre long route that takes you off the beaten path. Keep your eyes open for the many different types of birds you will see here.

The historic city centre

The city of Utrecht has a rich history which dates back to the Roman empire. Discover the history, canals and beautiful buildings of the city. Or discover modern art works at night or on the cities walls.

Discover medieval Utrecht and stroll by the Dom tower and the oldest church “Pieterskerk”. This route is 3 kilometres.

Utrecht is also very beautiful in the dark. Trajectum Lumen is a route that will take you past several light art installations.

Move over Banksy! Utrecht also has beautiful street art. Walk past them with this 8,6 kilometre long walking route.

Those were a few of our favourite trails, but Utrecht has so many more. View more routes for walking in Utrecht.

Relax after a long day of walking

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