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Wellness Tourism

The term ‘Wellness’ has existed for centuries in different cultures and there are many names for it. The scientific definition of wellness is health; the pursuit of a healthy body and mind. Obviously, this endeavour does not stop during travelling. Wellness tourism is the search and the desire to improve personal health, no matter where in the world you are.

What is it?

Wellness travellers have the need for knowledge and application of wellness activities in the broadest form. Then you can think of fitness, beauty treatments, healthy food, but of course stress relief and relaxation. For wellness travellers, no form is too crazy and that is why certain wellness types have become a huge success worldwide. Some of the most popular that we offer at our Inntel Hotels I put in a row.

Really clean

In Europe, Europeans learned about the Hammam through the Ottoman Empire. The most famous bathhouses in Budapest are still very popular among tourists.
The public baths are originally intended to perform the washing ritual prior to prayer. Elsewhere in Europe, the hammam usually does not take place in a group and the main goal is to relax.
Our own wellness spas have different temperature chambers, we also call them a Turkish steam bath. Due to the high temperatures in our steam baths, toxins are released through the skin. Which are then removed with a scrub and special soap from the skin by a hammam tellak. In short, after a hammam ritual, you feel guaranteed to be spotlessly clean and relaxed.

Wellness in our Inntel Hotels

Are you planning a business trip or a weekend trip to one of our hotels? Do not forget to pay a visit to one of our Wellness spas. The spas offer different leisure activities and swimming pools. Take a look at our Inntel Hotels Wellness page and choose your Wellness moment.

You’ll be surprised.