Inntel Hotels presents Amsterdam’s most fascinating art exhibitions in 2023, so you can combine a weekend in Amsterdam with an exceptional exhibition! You can unwind at either Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre or Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark and quickly reach your preferred museum.


Explore the wonders of science with your family, uncover the secrets of the world’s technology, investigate the fundamental elements of the universe, discover your own identity as a human, and have fun experimenting with energy! You can experience all of these activities across the five floors of NEMO. Come and discover the most exciting exhibitions at NEMO to ignite your curiosity and creativity.

Museum Het Schip: Indonesia and the Amsterdam School

Join Museum Het Schip and discover the intriguing relationship between the Amsterdam School and Indonesia, the former Dutch East Indies. Immerse yourself in the exhibition’s film and photo materials, drawings, prints, and applied arts to gain a deeper understanding of how the Dutch architectural movement was shaped by the forms, colours, and materials from the former colony. In addition to a Dutch perspective, you can also hear from Indonesian experts on how art and architecture from Indonesia influenced the Amsterdam School. If you’re interested in Indonesian crafts, participate in one of the workshops or attend one of the lectures. There’s so much to learn and explore at Museum Het Schip!

BODYWORLDS: The Happiness Project

Explore what makes us truly happy and how it impacts our lives with the “Happiness Project” exhibition at BODYWORLDS. Embark on a captivating journey through the human body, delving into the intricate details of our anatomy. Uncover the secrets of love and happiness by examining the various systems and structures that make up our bodies. Experience an entirely new perspective on the human body that will leave you amazed and enlightened. Come and join us on this extraordinary discovery at BODYWORLDS!

Hermitage Amsterdam: New exhibition ‘Rembrandt & contemporaries, history Paintings from The Leiden Collection

Explore the rich collection of art exhibitions from various collections at the Hermitage Museum. Make sure to check out the “Rembrandt & Contemporaries” exhibition, where you can view historical pieces from the iconic artist Rembrandt van Rijn. Discover not only his own works, but also those of his mentor and students. Immerse yourself in the world of Rembrandt and his peers by visiting the Hermitage Museum.

Discover 3 different exhibitions at Fabrique des Lumieres

Experience the surreal world of Salvador Dalí by visiting the “Dalí: The Eless Enigmand!” exhibition at Fabrique des Lumières. Be mesmerized by his psychedelic works projected onto every wall of the space, accompanied by the music of Pink Floyd. Get lost in Dalí’s imaginative world and let your senses take over. Discover the provocative architecture of Gaudi, a favourite of Dalí, by visiting the “Gaudí, Architect of the Imaginary” exhibition. Marvel at the undulating facades, colourful glass and ceramics, large pillars, and organic motifs of his famous works, such as the Sagrada Familia. Immerse yourself in a new reality related to the theme of “evolution” by experiencing the “Recording Entropia” audio-visual exhibition at Fabrique des Lumiéres. Challenge your imagination and push boundaries as François Vautier’s film takes you on a game of surprise and confusion. Come and explore these extraordinary exhibitions at Fabrique des Lumiéres.

Eighth edition of the Amsterdam Sculpture Biennial ARTZUID

Don’t miss the eighth edition of the Amsterdam Sculpture Biennial ARTZUID, taking place from May 19 to September 24, 2023. Discover fifty stunning sculptures on display along Apollolaan and Minervalaan, all under the theme of “Transfer”. This theme pays homage to the transfer of social commitment across various art movements from the 60s, 80s, and 2000s. Come and experience this unique exhibition and be inspired by the innovative artwork on display.

Reopening of Rembrandt House

Step into the past and be inspired by Rembrandt’s artwork at The Rembrandt House, which has reopened its doors after months of renovation. Visit the place where Rembrandt lived and worked for 19 years and immerse yourself in the art of the 17th century. Come and witness the magic of Rembrandt’s world and discover the masterpieces that continue to inspire generations.

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