Do you always keep track of the (coming) exhibitions to make sure you don’t miss out? Especially for you, Inntel Hotels shares the exhibitions to go see the coming period in the most renowned museums of Amsterdam. Combine your exhibit of choice with a citytrip to make the most of your stay. Relaxation and inspiration in Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre or Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark, in no time you’re at your favourite museum.

The Scheepvaartmuseum: diverse, historical and interactive

From beautiful stories of the 17th century, travelling through (virtual) time to impressive classical concerts and diners on the ‘Open Square’.

Until March 27th, 2022 a unique, grand overview exhibition takes place about father Willem van de Velde and his son. Both gentlemen were eminent sea-painters in the 17th century with their own specialism: pen- and oil painting.

Moco Museum: modern & the new virtual reality

This museum is known for exhibiting works of iconic- and upcoming artists. Here, you will always find exhibitions of artists that already made a name in the scene and have a unique vision of the world.

The only exhibition in Amsterdam that showcases works of BANKSY; the famous and notorious street artist from England. Besides that, you’ll currently find infinite light reflections in ‘Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism’. From November 19th you can also see  ‘The Kid’, with life-size portraits and sculptures, which promises to leave a deep impression on visitors.

The New Church Amsterdam: MAISON AMSTERDAM

For decades the ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ Amsterdam is famous for having high-profile exhibitions about photography, art inspiring people and cultures. With 250.000 visitors a year this is one of the most-visited exhibition locations in the Netherlands.

Until April 3rd 2022 Maison Amsterdam can be seen here. The century-old church is transformed into the largest fashion house in the Netherlands. In the ‘fashion city Amsterdam, designers from then to now,’ you’ll see historical masterpieces of the Amsterdam Museum combined with contemporary design.

Tropenmuseum: Healing power

The museum about world cultures, located in the heart of Amsterdam-East. Exhibitions of the Tropemuseum make us curious about the enormous cultural diversity in the world.

The exhibition ‘Healing power’ gives us insight into different forms of healing power and shows the search of the modern human being after balance between body and mind.

Hermitage Amsterdam presents ten new exhibitions until 2025

With the large collection of unique items Hermitage Amsterdam always has extended exhibitions with objects from the collection of the museum of state the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. The remarkable collaboration with that world-known museum emphasizes the bond between the Netherlands and Russia.

Until 2025 you can see 10 new exhibitions in the Hermitage. You can go see the ‘Outsider Art’, for example. It showcases pieces of the remarkable fashion designer and curator Duran Lantink, that’s inspired by Andy Warhol.

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Those were some of the coolest exhibitions in Amsterdam. Read ‘Citytrip in Amsterdam with the most fun activities’ too for more inspiration about what to do and where to go.

You’ll be surprised.